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  1. Gun Manufacturer Cancels Plans For New Facility In Brentwood NH

    Ya and that same line running thru Maine to benefit MA with a handful of nothing more than puss for Maine. Yup. Say No To CMP. You can bet your wallet I’ve supported them to stop it.
  2. Montana House Weighs Elimination of Many State-Mandated Gun Free Zones

    Wasn’t flaunting. I turned around and GTF out as soon as. Could
  3. Montana House Weighs Elimination of Many State-Mandated Gun Free Zones

    A friend took a job hauling tanker water for fracking in ND. Said he never thought any place was colder than Greenville ME. He said he was very wrong.
  4. Montana House Weighs Elimination of Many State-Mandated Gun Free Zones

    I did a poopie in my pants yesterday when I got misdirected on a dead end street right into a school yard. My truck and gun didn't kill any kids.
  5. AG Reviewing Road Rage Complaint Involving DA Rachael Rollins

    Damn right she f***ing knows what they look like. How many times has she been on film?????
  6. I REALLY thought I’d hate a Glock 45

    Friend has a long slide (I forget the number) as a non Glock fan it is a very nice gun for sure. Laser beam shooter for sure.
  7. NRA files bancruptcy

    There are other options out there. Former club found one a few years ago when I was on the board and that club had a bar.
  8. NRA files bancruptcy

    Will there be any mint jelly?
  9. NRA files bancruptcy

    Dominion voting machine??
  10. NRA files bancruptcy

    f*** you.
  11. Generator for home without a transfer switch

    That's what this place needs. An electrical forum!!!!! [pot][banana][rofl2][rofl][banghead][popcorn][horse]
  12. Troopers arrest two men, seize two firearms, ammo, and ballistic vest from vehicle, following pursuit

    Let me be sure... They were turning their lives around.
  13. Can I shoot Trap with this?

    When I was in the Greater Lowell Trap Asso there was a youngster who was a great shot out of the Lowell club in Chelmsford with his camo turkey gun. Some Ahhole complained about it. Many of us were unhappy about it so not all trap guys are fudds.
  14. ATF Agent Gets Arrested, Video from Officer Cams

    I'm not getting on the ground. I can't breathe!! I'm hyper ventilating!! My wife is pregnant. What a f***ing pussy.
  15. Revolver Accessories

    I bought a Black Hills Leather for a 5” 629 that wasn’t a bunch of money. Not sure about your expectations on cost. But as mentioned that’s a long gun for CC.
  16. Red Dot Sight batteries

    Yes, I was multi tasking and failed. My wife says only woman have that skill.
  17. Red Dot Sight batteries

    Don't buy Duracell first. Buy Lithium Ion batteries and NEVER worry about a leak.
  18. New Mainer to these forums!

    I’ll tell you Moosehead had beautiful blue skys yesterday. Too bad I was leaving. 😂
  19. Generator for home without a transfer switch

    NOT if your little Honda 2000 and the boiler are the only thing you care about. Built it and installed from off the shelf parts by a local licensed sparky.
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