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  1. Help me identify the rail.

    I am looking for a specific rail system for my AR10 build. I am going for this look. Can anyone help me determine the rail? Pic bellow.
  2. Ar10 build.

    Here it is so far. I went with the A2 stock and a Magpul grip. But, after looking at the grip more. I am seeing it's so sitting correctly. And, I am not liking the look. But, I chose the A2 stock for now, as I love the look.
  3. Ar10 build.

    Awesome! Thank you for the info. It's mixed reviews on what fits on the M&P
  4. Ar10 build.

    That's one sexy rifle. How do you like the magpul stock. I was looking at that one, but heard complaints about it having a short pull.
  5. Ar10 build.

    Thank you for the information!
  6. Ar10 build.

    I'm considering something for long distance. I already have some nice glass. So, that's my plan.
  7. Ar10 build.

    I have a M&P ar10, that I am planning to finish. This is my first ar10, so I am having trouble deciding on what to get, and obvious compatibility. I would like to keep it simple. Stock, rail system, etc. What are some good products out there that would be compatible with the M&P 10? Post...
  8. Threading a barrel for a muzzle brake.

    Is this possible? I've got a M&P ar10 barrel, I want threaded. Anyone in the taunton area that could do this?
  9. M&P 10 compatible parts?

    Out of curiosity. I'm looking to upgrade my AR10 furniture. What AR15 parts are compatible to the M&P 10? Specifically, stocks, forend, pistol grip. Thanks!
  10. Beretta 92fs

    Random question. Does Beretta offer a frame upgrade for the 92fs? I really want the A1 frame, but I don't feel like spending the money on the gun. And, all the adapters and frame add on just don't fit my fancy. I know back in the day Glock offered such a thing if you sent you regular frame to...
  11. C308

    I have been wanting one for a few years. I am finally taking the dive and getting one. I have heard mixed reviews (the goes with anything anyways) but does anyone own one. Hate or love it? Any recommendations to make it a good rifle?
  12. DMR - SPR build.

    That is definitely the look I am going for. I probably will just sell my PRS stock and use the money to buy my stock and scope mount.
  13. DMR - SPR build.

    Whatever you want to call it. I am building my rifle and half way there. I still need my two-stage trigger my scope mount and bipod. Right now I have a Magpul PRS at first I loved it, but now I really thinking about just getting a A2 stock. I for some reason love how it looks on the DMR's. What...
  14. Pistol "red dot"

    I have a M&P 9mm I've seen several pictures of guys having a small red dot on top of their pistols. I was wondering what is normally used? And, how is it mounted?
  15. Decent priced .308 semi auto.

    I know I've seen several Rifles for under $800. I can't remember the rifle name or brand.
  16. Decent priced .308 semi auto.

    I've looked in several places. Is their a decent priced semi auto .308 out there? I know the FAL runs 1200 or more. But, that is just far to expensive. Anything out there for user $700 ?
  17. Beretta 96D

    I'm not sure I'd want a .22 version. I was reading on another forum that parts are interchangeable between the 92 series? If this is true, besides the magazine and barrel. What would need to be changed in order to have mine 9mm?
  18. Beretta 96D

    I got myself a Beretta 96D, I've heard mixed reviews on it, but it was a great deal I could not pass up. I was wondering, because I have heard so many people saying it being a .40 it won't last past 10.000 rounds. What should I replace? Is their a 9mm conversion available?
  19. 1911 hammer fail.

    All new parts, except for the sear spring. It's a Llama 45 IXA. I have 0 rounds with the new parts. It was working fine, I tried to clean out the spring housing, and when I put it back together, that's when I had the problem.
  20. 1911 hammer fail.

    I'm sure their could be several reasons. But, my 1911 ' s hammer will not stay cocked. I'll pull the slide back and it just flips back. Sear spring seems to be working, could be wrong.
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