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  1. A-10 Pilot talking about training - Brrrrrrrtttt included

  2. Research and Compare Ammunition

    Stumbled across this site somehow thought I'd share, Lots of info on weight, velocity, energy
  3. List of individual weapons of the U.S. Armed Forces
  4. Waiting for upper.. but meanwhile

    Can i pin the muzzle break and install the gas block on the barrel before mating it to the upper? Just impatient and waiting for an upper to arrive. Figured i could get some things out of the way
  5. Ar-15 First Build.. Parts advise

    Working on a first build, Most of the pieces have been bought. Just wanted to list them out and see what I'm missing. I've been doing alot of reading and watching video's, asking questions at the range. But i still feel like i am clueless. Cant wait to get all the parts together in the next...
  6. Laser engraving in Westford MA

    weaponlogo.MOV - YouTube Website: WI Laser | home Thinking of a few designs to engrave on a lower once it comes in. Anybody done this before?
  7. Palmetto State Armory MOE LPK w/o Fire Control Group.. says in stock

    Palmetto State Armory MOE LPK w/o Fire Control Group - Lower Parts Kits - Lower Parts - AR-15
  8. Couple Intersting articles for those still up
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