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  1. Magnitude 5.8 earthquake shakes Virginia, D.C. and New York

    I felt it in Westford MA. At first I thought it was the burrito I had for lunch.
  2. Amy Winehouse won't be down for a hit off the crack pipe...

    I knew a girl that met and had a one night stand with Shane McGowan in London...Gross
  3. Amy Winehouse won't be down for a hit off the crack pipe...

    I'm amazed she's lived this long.
  4. Bomb gone off in Oslo/Norway, Shooting

    Full autos are pretty much illegal for civilian ownership in Norway (some exceptions for collectors of antiques). My bet is crap reporting from the media. Black rifle = machine gun.
  5. Favorite Rifle?

    I may get dissed for saying this but it's my M&P 15-22. Accurate, super fun and dirt cheap to run :)
  6. NJ - Off-Duty CO Shoots & Kills Craig's List Robber many retarded comments on that page
  7. Negligent discharge

    Ouch....sorry if it's a dupe
  8. Speed Cameras Now Being Used To Ticket You For Driving Too Slow

    What they are starting to put in the UK now are average speed cameras. Two cameras; your picture is taken by the first camera and then by the second camera a mile later. License plate recognition technology finds your car and then calculates your average speed between the two cameras. No more...
  9. Happy 4th!

    Happy this am
  10. Thank you, Derek, for starting NES

    Although I've not been as active on NES lately, it's still an awesome site with some great people. Thanks Derek
  11. What do you look like part III...

    Don't mess with my wife :)
  12. People swam in pool with dead body for 48 hours

    I'm betting on a law suit very soon
  13. Ugh...40 today

    Wine is helping me forget :)
  14. Ugh...40 today

    Great, thanks [wink]
  15. Ugh...40 today

    I guess this now means I need to grow the heck up. The 20's were fine, 30's ok too. Now I just feel old. Just venting..... Guess I need to go shooting this weekend :)
  16. Feel like I forgot to do something today!

    Wow...dumb cops, but cudos to the citizens of Seattle. If it were Detroit you can bet your ass the rifle would now be the property of a gang banger.
  17. Finaly moving to NH!!!

    Congrats :)
  18. The Shadowcat won't be down for breakfast

    Sorry for your loss
  19. Clerical error lands vet in jail

    Another WTF moment brought to you by the Feds.
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