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  1. WTS Ar15 pre healey

    Looking to sell a mass compliant pre healey m4 type ar15. Anderson lower. Not many rounds through it. Everything in picture minus the optic and also a 30 rd pre ban magazine included. All local state and federal laws followed. Ftf on efa10 in the weymouth Abington area. 1300$
  2. WTS Spam cans of 7.62x54r

    Spam cans for sale 440 round sealed tins. 150$ must have mass ltc. All local stare and federal laws followed.
  3. WTS Wts mosin 1934 hex laminate

    Selling the nicest mosin I’ve owned. Hex laminate that shoots great. 1934. These seem to be drying up lately. 450$ all local state and federal laws followed.
  4. Spam cans of 5.45x39mm 7n6

    Looking to buy unopened spam cans of 5.45x39. Also 7.62x39 1000 round cases.
  5. Wts Bulgarian ak74 5.45x39

  6. WTS Remington model 740 30-06

    Wts a Remington 740 semi auto in 30-06. Bore is pristine. 400$ Open to certain trades. face to face on efa10 all state local and federal laws followed.
  7. Connecticut non resident ccw?

    Just found out I'll be working 4 days in Connecticut. I'm a mass resident and was wondering if it is possible to get a non resident ccw? I have no knowledge of cn. Laws. Any info or advice is greatly appreciated!
  8. Fraudulent charges.

    Anyone that can reach out it would be super helpful. I was a victim of identity theft and fraudulent charges through an online vendor. Filed a police report locally and did some poking around and discovered a lot of strange things and could use some advice or info on how exactly I became a...
  9. They don't make em like this anymore...

    What a man...
  10. As much as we all like good ole cop bashing....

    I love cop bashing as much as the next guy when cops go wayyyyyy overboard. Seen many vids of cops standing around and waiting for ems instead of starting life saving CPR. This guy definitely is the type of cop you want responding when you are in trouble on the side of the road. Kudos to this...
  11. what do I have?

    Just grabbed this for free..type511a cathode ray oscilloscope. What on earth is this? Any value? What says the clan?
  12. Ar spr mk12-ish clone.

    Looking to build an ar spr/ mk12 clone. I'm not worried about the lower right now but been looking for complete 18" uppers. I have an idea of an optic and lower setup. This doesn't have to be an exact clone but more of a rifle setup for the same purpose. 18" variable power optic and a bipod. Any...
  13. Operation Iceberg. April fools 1945

    70 years ago tonight my grandfather was on a ship waiting to go ashore on the island of Okinawa. He celebrated his 19th birthday on that island with a cigarette on top of some type of chocolate cupcake of some sort. He passed last year in may. I'll never forget sitting in the backyard last year...
  14. Teenager helps female cops while people walk by.
  15. Arsenal slr106 mags

    Anyone have any leads on ma compliant pre ban 223 ask mags that'll fit an arsenal slr-106? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  16. Holbrook gun show..Dont waste your time.

    Not a deal to be had . Insane prices as usual. all handguns going for at least $200 more than they should . All rifles marked up to full retard panic prices and ammo was marked wrong all over the place. Just figured id give a heads up!
  17. Ltc recommendation

    Hi guys. I'm just looking for some advice on writing an ltc recommendation letter. What to include, tips and things to avoid. Sick as hell and mind is blank as I write it! Any help is appreciated . Thanks guys!
  18. pregnancy and lead exposure...

    Looking for any advice or info on what i need to be concerned about/avoid in the next 9 months...Went to the range today and the mrs is freaaaaaking out ....Any help or info would be greatly appreciated guys!
  19. One of a kind.......R.I.P.

    Figured some of you guys would appreciate this. These articles only tell a fraction of what this man was. The stories he told were truly unbelievable and these articles only scratch the surface. I'm glad to have known this man and been close friends with him. Green beret ,delta and former pow...
  20. m4 stopping power....

    i always thought ar's were for sissies and women but this proves they can be a manstopper...when applied to a jaw with proper force. [pot]
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