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  1. BCG Getting Stuck/Binding

    I decided to build a lower I have last night. For some reason, I can't get the BCG back when I pull the charging handle. Gets stuck about an inch back. I don't have another DI bolt to try, but the charging handle moves freely in its absence. I should note that I tried my AR9 upper and the bolt...
  2. Minuteman Armory (Templeton) Ceasing Retail Operations

    Bummer. It was such an outstanding shop.
  3. Engraving AR Lower

    I've applied for an NFA tax stamp. I've seen some threads and recommendations, but I'm looking for someone in MA. Preferably Littleton or somewhere close to Gardner, MA. I applied as an individual, and thus, used my middle name as well. Can anyone fit 19 characters for the name and 22 characters...
  4. WWI/WWII NES Shoot

    I'd like to organize a shoot with WWI and WWII rifles and pistols. Not a competition, but just a chance for everyone to get together and shoot something that they are interested in (sharing is required). Perhaps some people would like to shoot with others that have firearms from the same era...
  5. NFA SBR: Form 1 Multi-Caliber

    Completely new to the form 1 and NFA world. If you would allow me to state what I think I understand and ask some questions it would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to correct me where I'm wrong. Project: I am using a POST-1994 AR lower to build a 9mm SBR. 1. I am building a 9mm SBR...
  6. AR-15 Lower Receiver

    Let's say one was to purchase a stripped AR15 lower receiver via private sale and it was built in 2015 according to the serial number. The seller states it was purchased on a 4473, but has no documentation to prove it. Just a receipt from a gun shop with a total amount with no corresponding...
  7. M1A1 Thompson Gurus

    I'm interested in purchasing a semi-auto Thompson. I found a model from Auto Ordnance that has a 10 round mag (TM110S). However, the TM series doesn't appear to be compatible with preban mags. Am I wrong? Any way modifications could be made to accept prebans? Edit: Stick mags only. Don't want a...
  8. Suggestions for M1 Garand Reproduction Bayonet

    Anyone know of a reproduction M1 bayonet that's decent quality. Most seem to be made in India or China (shocking). Not going to war, but being sharp and fixable to the Garand is necessary. I don't mind doing some Dremel work if I must. Completely open to suggestions.
  9. M1 Garand - School Me

    I'm looking to pick up a nice Garand. I really don't care about it being all original. This is a rifle I'd like to shoot a lot and not worry too much about taking away it's value. I saw this website and it seems right for what I'm looking for. Anyone have any suggestions? Am I thinking about...
  10. Thoughts on Tavor X95

    I don't have a bullpup. Unfortunately, we're only able to get the 18" barrel in MA. I think it's about 30" overall length. Much longer than a free state. I have other 5.56 rifles. This isn't as accurate, but damn I love the design. Anyone own one? Thoughts in general? EDIT: I was wrong. You can...
  11. Standard Manufacturing DP-12 Legal?

    I've been doing some reading and it appears that "High capacity" has been a debate. Also, pistol grip, etc. Whether the shotgun is a pump or not. So, is the DP-12 MA legal?
  12. Ruger Precision Rifle Muzzle Brake

    First off, please forgive my ignorance. I just bought the "enhanced" RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor. However, it seems that the muzzle brake isn't timed correctly. It's about a quarter turn short of being perfect. Does this matter (functionally)? Any suggestions? Sorry for the bad pics.
  13. PWS FSC556 With Sig 516

    I recently purchased a PWS FSC556 that I plan to have pinned and welded on my Sig 516. However, the end of the barrel is wider in diameter than the hole on the muzzle brake. Is this common or do I need to switch out the barrel? Does the gunsmith work some magic?
  14. Holster: Sig P226 With Streamlight TLR2

    I've searched around a bit online. It seems like there are a lot of mixed reviews. Any first hand experience with an OWB that can hold the Sig P226 with a Streamlight TLR2?
  15. OC Spray Carry

    Stupid question. Is it legal for MA residents to carry OC spray outside the belt with a clip holster? It's just a 2 oz bottle. I doubt anyone would know what it was. Thanks in advance.
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