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  1. WTS Ar15 pre healey

    Looking to sell a mass compliant pre healey m4 type ar15. Anderson lower. Not many rounds through it. Everything in picture minus the optic and also a 30 rd pre ban magazine included. All local state and federal laws followed. Ftf on efa10 in the weymouth Abington area. 1300$
  2. WTS Spam cans of 7.62x54r

    Spam cans for sale 440 round sealed tins. 150$ must have mass ltc. All local stare and federal laws followed.
  3. WTS Wts mosin 1934 hex laminate

    Selling the nicest mosin I’ve owned. Hex laminate that shoots great. 1934. These seem to be drying up lately. 450$ all local state and federal laws followed.
  4. Spam cans of 5.45x39mm 7n6

    Looking to buy unopened spam cans of 5.45x39. Also 7.62x39 1000 round cases.
  5. Wts Bulgarian ak74 5.45x39

  6. WTS Remington model 740 30-06

    Wts a Remington 740 semi auto in 30-06. Bore is pristine. 400$ Open to certain trades. face to face on efa10 all state local and federal laws followed.
  7. The Gun Parlor helping the antis..

    Hope the gun parlor feels a loss of sales from this. Disgusting.
  8. Connecticut non resident ccw?

    Just found out I'll be working 4 days in Connecticut. I'm a mass resident and was wondering if it is possible to get a non resident ccw? I have no knowledge of cn. Laws. Any info or advice is greatly appreciated!
  9. Ok, what is it! Old rifle.

    It looks to be an Italian carcano of some sort.
  10. Laid to rest. A Father's day to remember.

    Damn. So sorry for your loss
  11. Opioids, the Real Threat

    Amen big timber. He hasn't a clue as to what he's talking about. But it's too late to educate someone that doesn't have an open mind. I have over a half dozen immediate family members who were productive normal people that got hooked by prescriptions prescribed by doctors do to either serious...
  12. ATF Is Not Approving NFA submissions from MA

    People are being approved on form from before 7/20. Within the last few days.
  13. Dog Seizures

    Which immunizations? I have a standard schnauzer and our breeder was very against over immunization for this very reason.
  14. LA Marshals Shoot and Kill 6 Year Old Boy**Update post 24, charged with Murder

    Can someone explain why cops who shoot people in almost every video then stand around and let the people die before paramedics arrive? Are they not trained in basic life support?
  15. Coyote moving during the day

    Yes we found three of his toys in the woods all within 20 feet of each other.
  16. Coming to your town: Concert Across America to End Gun Violence

    So no concerts in the towns in mass that actually have gun crime?
  17. Coyote moving during the day

    I've had three in my backyard multiple times withing fifteen feet while my dog was on the leash. They aren't afraid at all. Quite the opposite. This last Saturday my brother and I were talking at 9pm with my 5mo old pup at my feet. Three in the yard within about 15-20 feet. Never even heard a...
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