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  1. WTS Small lot of varied hunting ammo calibers and 2 old school gun locks

    16ga lead shot game loads (Box of 25 + 11 lose) and 16ga dove and quail (Box of 25) Rem Express Core-Lokt 270 WIN 150g - 18rds Winchester 45-70 GOVT 300g JHP - 20rds Winchester 30-30 WIN 150g HP - 17rds Winchester 44 REM. Magnum 240g JSP - 33rds Winchester 12ga 2 3/4” 7.5shot bird/skeet 3...

    Brand new. Never opened. $25.00 FTF Natick/Framingham area or PP FF and shipped on your dime PM here thanks
  3. WTS Covert Automatic Spike Pencil

    This is a handmade covert last ditch spike type weapon. Appears as a normal, and is a functional, carpenters or engineers pencil. Press the top button and a very strong spring ejects the pencil lead and a very strong, sharp spike appears and is now in your hand. Press the button again, the...
  4. WTS BFG Ten Speed 308 Chest Rig

    Brand new. Never used. From Blue Force Gear. Made for 308 mags/AK mags, but also fits AR mags (USGI/Magpul) just fine. Coyote brown. These sell for $90.00 before shipping and tax All photos are stock from BFG, shows up better than me trying to take those pics. Cash FTF $60.00 Natick are or...
  5. SOLD Sold

    sold thank you
  6. WTS ASP Palm Defender (Pepper Spray)

    Few guys lately said they liked these and/or gave them to family due to the smaller size (more apt to be carried). I prefer the larger cans and don’t carry this anymore so figured I’d offer it up here. I took the keychain ring off but you can easily replace it with a ring of your choice or...
  7. WTS Triple Pistol Mag Pouch (MOLLE)

    Brand new. Never used. Hold 3 mags, single or double stack, adjustable flap covers with nice rubber tabbed ends for grip. I don’t know who made this one, appears to be good quality, no tag/bought it a few years back. I’m finding stuff in boxes that I never used and just don’t have a need for...
  8. 5.56 and .223 mixed?

    I understand the basic differences between the two rounds, and have only ever bought or acquired 5.56, it’s what I prefer to keep on hand and my rifles are only 5.56/multi, none are solely .223. I also understand the basic concept that you can shoot down (.223 in 5.56) but should never shoot up...
  9. Log Out Feature

    Strangely this has happened to me several times over the last couple weeks. I will log out at night, and yes it’s 100% confirmed that I’m logged out before going to bed, and then the following morning I’ll pull up NES and sit with my coffee, only to notice that I’m already logged in. While not...
  10. Sig Romeo5 XDR

    I have a Romeo 5 and it’s held up well so far over the last 2 yrs on a PCC, so I picked up a 5XDR today, all the same options with the added 65MOA circle around the dot like an Eotech. Right out of the box the reticle is crooked. It has the hash marks on 4 sides of the circle, and I have to...
  11. Sig Legion Series 1911??

    I have a Legion 229 SAO and love it. Gorgeous pistol. I’ve been looking around and see that Sig has Legion models in almost all of their offerings so far, except, for a 1911 Legion. Anybody in the know or a Sig follower hear any talk of making a 1911 Legion?

    Gone. Thank you.
  13. WTS New Leather Motorcycle Vest

    New. Perfect condition. Bought online last year, wore it 3x and it just doesn’t fit me well while I’m riding. I’m too thin for the size and it blows up on me. Tough, high quality leather and workmanship and really nice tough inside liner. 4 x external pockets with zippers. 4 x internal pockets...
  14. SOLD 5/11 Fleece Jacket size L

    Sold. Thank you.
  15. WTS Danner Gortex boots (90% new) US 9.5

    Almost new Danner’s black Gortex waterproof boots. Bought shortly before the apocalypse and don’t fit me well. Size 9.5 US Used for approx 2-3 weeks and then set aside. Couldn’t return them. Paid $175.00 Sell for $75.00 obo Cash FTF or PP FF Natick are or w/in 10m PM here Thank you
  16. SOLD Sold

  17. WTS Withdrawn

    Withdrawn. Lack of interest. Thanks.
  18. SOLD Sold

  19. WTS Blackhawk soft sided IWB Size 01 holster L Hand Normal or Right SOB

    Fits Glock 43 or similar size semi-auto pistol. Used for about 2 weeks while I was having another holster made then it went into the box with all the others. It’s in perfect condition and actually pretty comfortable. Lightly padded, kind of a velvet feel to it. 🤷‍♂️ Forgot to add; this is made...
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