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  1. Please help my gifriend out. UPDATED

  2. Been gone for 6 months

    Ebola yeah, I work at Brewster we got the scare in Braintree the other day. Yeah I voted for more conservative in my district bt they didn't get far, and I though Airsoft was the NES choice?
  3. Been gone for 6 months

  4. Been gone for 6 months

    Whats new? Missed NES, but been working a lot of hours and with school as well its been crazy. [grin]
  5. Need Advice on Summer Hat
  6. Taunton PC Repair Leads to Arrest

    This. So help me God, this.
  7. Another Mogwai got wet

    I just thought it would be a funny thing to post up. :)
  8. Another Mogwai got wet

    yep frenchman you do :)
  9. Another Mogwai got wet

    Please reference video. [rofl] And thank you guys, she is our first.
  10. Another Mogwai got wet

    Well, thought since we are a family, I would share the news. Mommy and baby are doing well, we are heading home today. I would like to introduce Sophie Autumn to you ruff necks. [smile]
  11. Danvers schools closed during homicide probe.

    Boston Strong
  12. Does anyone else have an extremely Liberal sibling?

    Sorry OP. I cut off my two leaching sisters years ago along with a brother. Sometimes true friends hold a deeper understanding and kinship than blood. Anytime you want to grab a drink or come over for some steak tips, let me know.
  13. Blacklist new show

    What is the color of the boat house at Hereford?
  14. Did anyone just see that Meteor?

    Don't worry, Methuen PD is on the case!!
  15. Gun ownership tied to suicide deaths Two years ahead of ya..... lol
  16. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

  17. The solution to all of Boston's problems.

    Oh man, I am sure when some crack head decides to rob and rape a 20 something year old girl for some drug money, the will stop and say nah, I'd rather play on a piano and leave them alone.
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