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  1. Anyone use Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club?

    10/4. Thank you
  2. Anyone use Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club?

    Thank you all for your input. First and foremost, by the time I get home and get to the range its dark because I live an hour away so I wanted someplace close to work. These are the answers I was expecting but needed to hear it. I have considered steel challenge and USPSA and it seems pretty...
  3. Anyone use Hopkinton Sportsmen's Club?

    Was just wondering if anyone is a member here and if its worth it? It's close to where I work so it seemed convenient but after looking into it, its a far cry from the $75 per year I pay for my local club and it seems like a double secret handshake plus a reach around is required to join. If its...
  4. Hertz can't pay interest on $17 billion in debt, lays off 10,000

    While everyone is stuck at home we could speed up the process by renting out our personal vehicles Similar to ride share programs.
  5. Hertz can't pay interest on $17 billion in debt, lays off 10,000

    Just a marketing scheme for ignorant consumers. Same as car dealerships selling roadside assistance. Fear sells and is the number one tool of the lazy salesman. If not then we wouldn’t have a shortage of hand sanitizer.
  6. What's the right Showers to Days ratio?

    3:1 everyday is clean armpits, a$$hole, crotch $ teeth. o ya and rotate / flip inside out underwear
  7. Trump orders US Navy to destroy Iranian speedboats

    You're probably right. I accept the fact that I'm not as educated in foreign affairs as some. In light of that how do we feel about Somali pirates within rifle range and acting aggressively toward our vessels? Do we like them and make excuses for them? Yes? / No? I see in black and white and...
  8. Glock magazine warranty question

    Good to know. Thanks
  9. Glock magazine warranty question

    I doubt you'll even get them to take in a gun from MA because that means it has to come back to a MA FFL before it goes to you. Seen someone go through this before with a cracked frame that they couldn't get warrantied. Even just the mag, they probably wont send a new one of same capacity. If...
  10. I'm confused, what are we companies and products are we Boycotting again??

    fanboy's say Glock, Glock, and Magill's Glockstore. Enough said.
  11. Trump orders US Navy to destroy Iranian speedboats

    I don't get it....I thought Obama dumping a C130 full of unmarked bills on an Iranian runway would have prevented all of this nonsense? I also thought Clinton paying North Korea to "be nice" worked out good. No? Throughout history, diplomacy didn't win many wars. Violence did. I hope none of our...
  12. Classifieds

    That and it would have been called "standard issue bipod". With the abundance of bamboo and jungle branches everywhere over there who the hell would need a bipod? Especially for a barrel under 20"
  13. Classifieds

    Not sure about the scope but the Vietnam era Colt bipod is still there.
  14. Classifieds

    You never know when the noob will join and rejoice when his search for $250 stag grips for his $200 gun is complete. also don’t forget to pick an the sig 716dmr and ammo before the liberals grab many years ago was that added? we should charge extra membership dues for excessive NES...
  15. Kennedy family tragedy again.

    My mom always said not to chase the ball into the road. She never said anything about chasing it into the water.
  16. More Ammo in Stock NOW!

    I've never seen a shop with such a variety of ammo. From 30-40 Krag to 50BMG and everything else in between. All ammo I've purchased so far comes in lower than the best price on ammoseek. Only exception was surplus LC M2 Ball but it was owners private stash and came with can, blocs, sleeves and...
  17. Kennedy family tragedy again.

    Was it a 67 Delmont 88 canoe? Or was it borrowed from the Clintons'? Research that bridge and see how many cars are crashed due to wind speed and tell me if you think a canoe is a good idea? Pure ignorance-poor kid.
  18. Have people seen any Winchester 1897s around?

    check out @Great Road Firearms in Stow. I believe that had 2 originals there.
  19. Tee Shirt for MA

    I’m borderline ashamed to admit I concur and it has forced me into a deep self reflection period. but just sayin the term hate -f had to come from somewhere
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