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  1. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    oh man that fridge has been awesome. My wife is so sad as she picked it out. sadly nearly everything is a total loss. It is caked in a stick acrid tar and the private adjuster we hired has already said there’s just no way to save most of this stuff. Everything on the first floor is toast. guns...
  2. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Here are some photos
  3. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    thank you for the kind words. Every morning since I’ve woken up to see my little girl and give her the biggest hug imaginable. I’ve always said that if a mans wealth was measured in the friends he keeps, I was a goddamn Rockefeller. After seeing the response to this, I’m more like Jeff bezos...
  4. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Hey everyone. I’ve been watching this thread and reading all the kind words. I haven’t been around a lot in the last few years, life sort of took me in other directions. I’m looking at all these names, many I remember fondly and all the fun hours I spent bantering and joking with all of you...
  5. Building a house in NH

    everything has been checked 10 times over and all the legal docs thus far have specifically said it is not part of an HOA
  6. Building a house in NH

    remarkably there is no HOA. I’m still not convinced of it but all the documents and several questions to the realtors have all resulted in a resounding “no hoa” answer.
  7. Building a house in NH

    ideally, I’d have the house built, weather tight and empty, and I would handle the entirety of plumbing, electrical and finish work with the assistance of close friends and family at drastically reduced rates, but I’m not sure how that all works with the dispersement of loan funds on a...
  8. Building a house in NH

    ya, for right now it's probably a few years out, we haven't even closed on the lot yet, so well see.
  9. Building a house in NH

    I did look into that. Got a quote from a company in Maine that it was 135k for the particular home, plus finishing of the interior, which they said was roughly 3x's the cost of the kit, which sounded high considering how small the home was.
  10. Building a house in NH

    Because I haven't even chosen a house plan yet and I'm trying to gauge the cost per sqft and site costs before I even start to chose the size and type. If people tell me its roughly 175 per sqft that will help me determine what size house I can afford. If I call a builder and say, hey whats it...
  11. Building a house in NH

    are you on the higher end side of things in terms of grade of finish?
  12. Building a house in NH

    So I can tell you that the lot is in a developed neighborhood and sits on the Saco river, so I know digging and drilling will be "no issue" I'm guessing a well won't be too bad either considering There are other homes there as well.
  13. Self- defense in Kenosha?

    Jesus. how dumb are people to think they can chase, tackle and confront someone with a rifle and not end up dead.
  14. Building a house in NH

    Also, for those who have built a house, anywhere really, is it better to GC the project yourself and hire out your own subs, or did you just hire a GC and have them manage it nut to but?
  15. Building a house in NH

    I'm basically just looking for a starting point. I understand that grade of finish will determine a lot of the cost, but I have no idea even where to begin with costs.
  16. Building a house in NH

    Ya, everything I've tried to research has said it varies wildly. I'm expecting somewhere in the 140-150 per sqft, but I have no idea. I'd like to do most of the interior work myself, but who knows.
  17. Building a house in NH

    As the title, states, I'm looking to undertake the task of building a house in the conway area of NH, and was wondering if anyone here has recently built a home in NH. I'm interested in what sort of cost per sqft you spent, what things like a well and septic "typically" run and the like.
  18. Red Flag standoff in NY

    Purging threads of what?
  19. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Wow. So all the antis go first and f*** the rest of us. Wow. Just wow. They aren’t even tying to hide it anymore.
  20. Get your butt to Boston - GOAL Super Alert - Wed 28th!!!!

    Can those of you in attendance keep your ear peeled for the name Tynan Taylor. I had to leave for a meeting before being able to testify, however I’d like to return if they haven’t called my name. If any of you were paying attention and hear that name can you just message me to let me know...
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