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  1. YouTuber Saa Fomba Jumps Off Bridge And "Broke My Skull"

    Science wins again - water is incompressible.
  2. School me on casual boots

    Wait, is this boot like an AR? Can I put a different style upper on it?
  3. School me on casual boots

    Did your Uggs wear out?
  4. gaming computer under a $1000?

    The bots buy a lot of the new stuff, creating backlogs.
  5. DPS Crew Discovers Mysterious Monolith From Air In Remote Utah Wilderness

    Crack it open and you'll find the NES flobert parlor rifle.
  6. gaming computer under a $1000?

    As RD says, make your list: -- Motherboard -- Chipset w/ packaged fan -- RAM -- PSU -- GPU -- Drives -- Case -- Monitor -- Keyboard and mouse Getting anything decent for $1000 is impossible. But for Minecraft and some of the games for younger kids, you can spend around $1500 and get something...
  7. Adoption in MA for gun owners

    Buy a bunch of deep freezers and garbage bags. That will distract them from focusing on the safes.
  8. What the hell does "pull out all the stops" mean?

    So like infrasound, where your body feels the noise rather than your ears given the ultra low frequency?
  9. Another Rat Thread

    They make electric traps that mice crawl into and get zapped. Pricey but reusable. Take a 9 volt battery. Do they make them for rats? We have used the mice ones and they work great.
  10. Stay @ home tax

    No soup for you my friend.
  11. Anyone with a skid steer?

    More importantly, did you reopen the pool over past few days?
  12. The President Trump Megathread

    Biden up by 10K in MI. Bye bye MI.
  13. New Hampshire only goes Blue how far?

    Trump won millsfield 21 to 5. Dixville gets the attention because it’s the first.
  14. My daughter said I need to clean off my coffee table.

    Old school caliper - check. Old school frequency generator - check. Too bad the bud isn’t an old pull tab.
  15. Looking for a good coat

  16. They’re Afraid. They’re Buying Guns. But They’re Not Voting for Trump.

    There will not be anyone paying 62% taxes in CA. There will be a lot of new high income earners in other states who recently lived in CA though. And COVID proves that many people in the work force (particularly high income earners) can work from anywhere, giving them them flexibility to flee...
  17. Jeep fell off blackbear pass

    So is it so steep that you cannot expect to stop and not slide? Is getting out of the vehicle simply a bad idea? Curious non off roaders want to know.
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