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  1. New England QSO Party Ham Radio Operating event!

    It is dead, dead, dead today. Even from VT we can't raise anyone to talk to. Last night worked pretty well.
  2. Anyone Work Comms for Boston Marathon?

    I was out at H25, ran both stations because the other H25 operator didn't show. I had almost nothing to do, just the beginning and end water counts and then the hourly checkins. My expected channel was dead to me, couldn't hear it at all so I had to fall back to a repeater earlier on the course...
  3. Amazon "Smile" and Comm2A

    Cool, I'll try and use that link in the future. Right now, Amazon is adding $5 to their donation for the next bit through the Smile program, so it might be worth taking a shot with one purchase through that before jumping to the Comm2A Affiliate link
  4. Amazon "Smile" and Comm2A

    The "Shop Amazon" button takes me to the FAQ
  5. Amazon "Smile" and Comm2A

    Well then. I'll have to figure out how to attach the affiliate link into the amazon keyword I have
  6. Amazon "Smile" and Comm2A

    If you go to, you can set it to donate .5% of any order to a charity of your choice (from a list). Comm2A is on there, so your gratuitous online purchases can go to a good cause.
  7. Food shopping

    Stop and Shop, with periodic runs to Costco. I'll hit up Hannaford for one or two items, if that's all I'm shopping for. The Market Baskets around me always seem skeevy, the aisles are too narrow, there are too many damn people, and the cold cuts and produce we've gotten from them has been...subpar.
  8. Someone using my call sign?

    They are still out and about. On some of the ham boards I've seen others receiving Bad Operator reports, and at least one Good Operator report. You usually have to do something pretty egregious to actually get hit by the FCC, though, usually involving interfering with the pieces of spectrum that...
  9. Just Renewed

    General isn't too bad. Extra is where the brain-hurtyness begins...
  10. Chinese radios

    I've had a Wouxun KG-UV6D for 6 or 7 months, now. Pretty solid little radio. I originally programmed it with CHIRP under Linux, though trying it with OS X is a pain in the arse (Apple just sucks....). I need to get a linux box back up so that I can get some other stuff on there, mostly the...
  11. Our galaxy on a collision course with another: NASA

    Just because they are accelerating away from the center, doesn't mean they are doing it in the same direction. There's pretty much just a lot of space out there, with clusters of galaxies moving around. IIRC, the clusters are independantly expanding, as well. Besides, depending on which...
  12. new M&P - magazine not sitting flush

    The M&P cripple-mags have been an ongoing sorepoint, particularly the followers. Welcome to the club :/ Don't bother calling S&W about them. Or rather, do, maybe if more people call, they'll get the hint. I, personally, was told to just go to NH and buy the full-cap mags there, and since I have...
  13. Does anyone else want to tear up their C&R licenes?

    I need to call the BATFE...I send my change of address form in 7 months ago and haven't heard squat...
  14. I'm in love (with the new Springfield XDs)

    Glocks are great guns...but they look and feel like bricks. Some people like firearms that are more than just a tool, no matter how ideal it might be.
  15. I think this is not to code?

    It's probly fine
  16. damned ticks!

    +another for permethrin. Just watch out if you have cats, permethrin is poisonous to them. You spray it on your clothes, it'll last a few washes until the effect wears off. Better for ticks than Off. Best yet, permethrin on the clothes before hand, then off while you are out there...
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