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  1. Justified Commercial: "Did i fire 17 shots? or only 16?

    New season starts Feb 9th at 10pm
  2. Justified Commercial: "Did i fire 17 shots? or only 16?

    Frickin A, I'll be laughing at this one all day!!! LMFAO! I can't wait for the new season to start!!!!!!!
  3. Looking for a puppy

    We adopted our Lab/heeler mix Blu from Labs4rescue. They brought Blu and her sister up from LA, the south has a lot of HIGH kill shelters. My sister adopted hers from Baypath in Hopkinton, they also brought her dog up from the south too!
  4. Ham vs Hum

    Wiss-sta! LOL
  5. Who needs guns as long as hornet's spray is legal? (Update: link to video)

    Just curious...... but now that he's told them what he plan to do, and we know the thieves don't reciprocate the same info....... won't there be a shortage of hornet spray and face masks????? wondering [thinking]
  6. Need a Woman's Point of view....

    Hubby had guns before we got married. I wasn't a fan!! I viewed them as evil, and ready to spontaneously fire at will.... My point at the time was, since I didn't know how to use one, and I was pregnant, I didn't want them in the house and around my kids. Anything could happen, and they were...
  7. Doberman breeder

    I have someone in my neighborhood that does. I'm in SE Ma, you can PM me with your info, so I can pass it along to them.
  8. Chick, chick, chickens... chicken coops and general chicken advice.

    I currently have 5 hens, we started with 3, added until we had 6. We bought a 10X10 dog run (TS), this summer, and put a roof on it. This fall we bought plastic sheeting and wrapped it on the sides to keep out drafts. Since we don't have power out to the area, we bring the girls into the...
  9. Strange Dick's Sporting Goods Incident and Store Policy

    Hubby and I went to the NA store as well. We didn't have a problem with the score card, we had a problem buying a rifle. We saw a Rossi 3 in 1, and decided our teen's would get a kick out of shooting it, and it was short enough for mom's arms too. The problem came in that the salesman...
  10. Numchucks? (sp?)

    I have a question or two..... when it states "dagger or a device or case which enables a knife with a locking blade to be drawn at a locked position, any ballistic knife", does this refer to a Navy Mark I in a sheath? I realize it isn't a folding knife, which is what this seems to apply...
  11. Solar panels & some extra food = child abuse.

    Good thing DSS/DCF never got back to us after we completed our MAPP classes..... The rebels that we are, we homeschool, own guns, and grind our own wheat berries, we must be very dangerous. LOL DSS/DCF actually said to us, since we homeschool, the child's advocate, wouldn't even look at our...
  12. What's Up with Angle Tree Gun Club in N. Attleboro???

    We were members at Angle Tree, years ago. (over ten years) We left because there was constant in fighting, way too many "cooks in the kitchen", and they had a mandatory caliber qualifying policy. Hubby was an E5 infantry, but since he hadn't "qualified" with an approved member, he was limited...
  13. Flip-n-Target

    Got mine today! I just got mine today! This looks really nice, the kids will love this. We will be starting up our youth program in April, so this will be great! I made one tiny modification to the sand bag as you can see. Love that the box is also the extra target holders! Thank...
  14. TSA Bumper Stickers

    This might be a duplicate, sorry if it is...... I'm passing this along from my MIL. Some of these may be viewed as being in bad taste, so I apologize in advance, if people are offended.
  15. Survey Volunteers for Daughter's 2nd Amendment Essay

    Let me know if you think I can help. Girlz gotta do, what Girlz gotta do.
  16. A thanks to the firefighters.

    Great post! My hubby was working yesterday, so we did miss him at our big family dinner. :-( (he works 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, and 5 days off, then works his other job on the 5 days off) He brought all the fixins for turkey dinner, for him and the other FF at his outlying station. They had...
  17. keylimes

    OK, EEEWWW on the avatar! LOL Did you get your NRA cert's yet? I got mine today, for all 3...

    OK, EEEWWW on the avatar! LOL Did you get your NRA cert's yet? I got mine today, for all 3, Rifle, Pistol, and Home.
  18. Firefighter accidentlly shoots girlfriend

    Which? Netiquette or Zombieland? LOL
  19. Firefighter accidentlly shoots girlfriend

    I appreciate your choice, it takes a special kind of person to run towards danger, when others cower in fear. Thanks for putting yourself in harms way, while others criticize your choice. As a side note: Careful about posting that, next thing you know they will tell you, since you chose...
  20. Firefighter accidentlly shoots girlfriend

    He is well aware of the risks, as am I. (We had that talk years ago, not that you should be giving advice about it) This is NOT about his career. Completely missing the point as expected. A blanket statement WAS made. You are condemning a person, without having all the facts. FF's...
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