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  1. Big snow storm in Ohio,

    It looks like a lot of Californians moved to Ohio during Covid because they have no idea how to drive in the snow!
  2. NH: 619 DW guns in Merrimack NH visited by police for not enforcing [unlawful] mask edicts

    Really no has asked yet!!!!! I will what's his NES handle? [rofl]

    I have been using Buck 110's with combat grips as they used to be called now called finger grips since the 80's. I have 2 so when I have to have one repaired I have a backup. I gave one to a friend of mine so I actually had 3 and they have always been a workhorse. If you send the knife back to...
  4. What are you listening to today?

  5. What are you listening to today?

  6. Show me your watches. :)

    After a serious turkey induced nap 005 on a Toshi African
  7. Show me your watches. :)

    Given the season we need to start a fundraiser so @yogi can get a decent pair of pants and a new smoking jacket to compliment his watches.
  8. Show me your watches. :)

    Ahh a closet watch collector hard to find watch with a closely held secret Erika strap only a WIS knows about!
  9. Biden Gun tax

    Outed as a Biden voter hope they come for you first!
  10. COVID blowhards

    I have, from a well respected and confirmed scientific report, that covid is actually transmitted by having sex so you all must stop having sex and that special wank in the shower is a no no as well.
  11. Preparing New Drywall For Tile (Kitchen Backsplash)

    If you have seams and don't tape them and it moves the tiles will crack. If you used sheetrock no paint is needed.
  12. Biden Deputy Chief of Staff Pushed ‘Mandatory’ Firearm Buybacks

    If they come they won't be paying you a dime. There are many here who voted for Biden and they will hand their guns over willingly probably even drive them to the drop off point with a smile on their face. Nothing like giving up your rights, guns and freedom for what? The biggest crybabies...
  13. Not Again

    I never listen to CrackPot's
  14. Not Again

    There are more people on this forum who look to call out dupes than starting fresh threads if you ask me.

    Well @Yosemite Sam you could just start them if you really want them we need someone to shame and have banned it's been without controversy here lately.
  16. Charlie Faker Mega thread

  17. Cool videos of folks getting busted with Ring Cameras!

    Ring ..schming who needs them I got better than that I got elderly neighbors they are better than a german shepard!!!!
  18. Crisis!

    That's a high maintenance machine lots of overtime needed to keep it in good working condition!
  19. Weil Mclain or Pennco boiler

    I have a Weil Mclean Gold series that replaced a Burnham put it in around 2005-2006 I've never had a problem with. The nozzle had to be changed as it was using to much oil. I know it was more expensive than the Burnham and Burnham was having a cast issue at the time leaving uneven casts so one...
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