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  1. The Anti anti-Starbucks thread...

    Rt 125 haverhill heading towards plaistow with my brother wiskie762. :)
  2. Happy Birthday/First Father's Day Wiskie762

    Sorry for such a late post of this. I'm so glad you had a such a great day. :o)

    Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day.
  4. Happy Birthday/First Father's Day Wiskie762

    I hope your day is full of happy memories and sweetness with your beautiful little girl. [party] Love, your sis
  5. Whats your favorite quote

    Here is one of mine: Common sense, if you could bottle it, you'd be a millionaire."
  6. Happy Birthday kimmie1911

    happy birthday!
  7. Did you vote today?

    I voted for Scott Brown about a half an hour ago. Here's to his kicking Martha Focker Joakley's behind.[grenade] [cheers] (p.s. we need a smiley that's beating a donkey.)
  8. Happy Birthday Miss2ndamendment

    Thanks again everyone. [wink]
  9. Happy Birthday Miss2ndamendment

    Omigosh I feel like such a tool cause I didn't see this thread until now. So, sorry for the delay but thank you so much everyone for all the birthday wishes. [wave]
  10. miss2ndamendment

    Thanks Scrivener.

    Thanks Scrivener.
  11. What Really Grinds My Gears

    Manipulative people. That really ticks me off.

    If this is true and he had to pay $10 million to hush people, well then most of the sex probably wasn't consensual. Hmmm......[thinking]
  13. The Cat MegaThread - You won't believe this...

    Yea they probably just used google. [rofl][rofl] **** ******
  14. Since you were born how many houses/apts have you lived in?

    I'm 28 and have lived in 3 apts and 2 houses.
  15. Basement renovation

    That looks amazing! Thanks for posting the pictures.
  16. Why the US didn't get the Olympics

    I think Obama did look like a fool begging and I am glad the US didn't get it. Maybe, and it's a BIG maybe, Obama will realize there are more important things to be taken care of then having the Olympics here. I hope and pray that all the US athletes will be safe in Rio.
  17. From Texas: Dumbass Of The Month Candidate

    Yea, that's for sure. [smile]
  18. What do you look like part III...

    Me and my niece Morgan on 9/30/09. She looks just like her daddy, my brother wiskie762. [wink]
  19. Mandatory Vaccination's a NO GO - state memo

    It would be nuts for them to even consider trying this. I mean, it is our right to decide whether or not we are vaccinated and the people who have died from it, already had major health issues, so their bodies couldn't handle the virus. I believe there would be a revolution if the police just...
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