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  1. John Kelly

    John was a good man and a man of honor, and a true gentleman. i'l the t better man hqve said i knnew him.
  2. NES Winter storm update thread 12/19/09

    24 inches here in Hopkinton, MA. Wife is maning the shovel, thank god! Large grin, here!
  3. S&W mp pistol: Choices, choices, choices...

    The vernerable .45, of course!
  4. Hawkins .50 cal kit

    Nice Gat!
  5. LMT Piston

    Nice score, Derek!
  6. For the couple who have everything!

  7. You Can Forget About Snow Tomorrow

    Save up yer pennies, Mr. Frosty! Hope all is well for you and yours! Darius
  8. 10,000 MEMBERS WOW !!!!

    Derek wins again!
  9. How did you learn to reload???

    Failing to measure each load, and letting your buddy make a few rounds...
  10. Cross-X

    Hi, Ana! Come shooting with us! Darius

    Hi, Ana! Come shooting with us! Darius
  11. Viagra soon be available in liquid form

    Poor taste, bro!
  12. ruger 10/22 "tactical" stocks

    No pinning is necessary if your gun is pre-ban
  13. Moving to bean town

    Live elsewhere. Weston, Natick,Ashland, Framingham or Hopkinton. Much friendlier police.
  14. What is your opinion.....

    You have every reason to be pissed. That sux!
  15. How often do you go to the range?

    Too much pistol teaching and too little shooting!
  16. What's in a mugshot ...can you identify a theme?

    Obama, the loser!
  17. Best .22 pistol ???

    S&W Model 41
  18. Geisselle Ar triggers

    PM Derek. He has had them and loved them.
  19. Darklupine is now Keystone

    Welcome Pilgrim!
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