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  1. Pro's and Cons of 01 FFL vs 07 FFL with SOT

    Yea, I believe most title l stuff will not be itar controlled when the regulation takes effect. However, machine guns & silencers are still controlled. Means I still have to register, even though we don't export (yet) Steve
  2. Why suppress .308 or 7.62x51 guns?

    Agreed.... The best part if right around 15:15 on the video View: Full disclosure: the can in the video is from my business.
  3. GCA 68 restrictions on how FFL to FFL dealers do business?

    I'd have to find the cite, but FFLs can make aquisitions anywhere, but only disposition items at their premises.
  4. Skrootz “fuel filter” - hide the doggo if you buy one

    David is a smart dude...
  5. 3MOA vs 6MOA Red Dot

    This man speaks the truth. I run an 8moa cmore on my open gun and never felt handicapped.
  6. What's your favorite factory 6.5 Creedmoor ammo?

    My Savage 12lrp seems to like the Hornady 147 ELD. Bottom left is with a area 419 brake, mid llef is with a suppressor. Top right is with a wipe in the suppressor, same ammo. Circled shot was punching thru a fresh wipe, balance of shots grouped right back where they were expected. Right...
  7. ebr-1 vs ebr-2

    Christmas tree is a huge help for me when I need to hold elevation and windage without dialing. Without the christmas tree hash marks, any windage I need to hold would be a non-repeatable guess. If hunting, may not be a big deal. If shooting PRS where you need to rapidly change distances...
  8. R700 .308 to 6.5CM

    Proof Research is the big one for Carbon Fiber wrapped barrels
  9. R700 .308 to 6.5CM

    If you want to do it yourself on the 700, look at the rem-age barrels from Northland shooters supply. It is a Savage style barrel nut system, so you can set your headspace without having to turn a shoulder on the barrel. Only tools you need are headspace gages, barrel nut wrench, action...
  10. Single stack 9mm in USPSA and IDPA:Edit-Shadow 2

    Sounds like you need a cz or tanfo then: All the competition of production division with a steel gun. It's a win-win.
  11. GOAL no longer need storage permit for more than 999 primers - but...

    Massachusetts 527 CMR 1 adopts the NFPA 1 fire code with a few massachusetts modificaitons.
  12. Looking for FFL space in South East MA

    What type of space are you looking for? Simply an office, or do you need storefront-type space for regular traffic? I don't have anything, but can be on the lookout for something in the area. Steve
  13. NSSF Message on Shotguns & Firearms in MA

    I got this note today from NSSF in my email regarding EOPSS position on short shotguns and rifles: Anyone else see this?
  14. Tell me about .38 Super

    1450fps? That's hot. The 90s called and want their 175 major pf back...hahaha
  15. Obtaining an FFL in MA?

    121 does state that section 131 doesn't apply to manufacturers. 131 is where a machine gun licenses are talked about - paragraph o. Not sure if that is enough to say manufacturers done need a mg license. I'll let others interpret that. One other point:. The state dealers licence is...
  16. New Toy Under Consideration - 6.5 Creedmoor

    I mostly wanted that particular gun for the barrel/action. HS-Precision stock is long-since sold.
  17. New Toy Under Consideration - 6.5 Creedmoor

    I have a savage 12LRP. The target action/trigger is great. 26" fluted barrel. Comes with a HS-precision stock which is nice. I decided to upgrade to a MPA chassis for a better fit, but the factory stock is very good too. If you are planning on replacing the stock, the 10SR may be the...
  18. 22lr for Suppressed Pistol

    I like the CCI suppressor ammo. Works great with my cans & a ruger 22/45 lite. I've also had very good luck with the fiocchi subsonic. The CCI quiets do not cycle the action in a semi. In a bolt gun though, the firing pin dropping is louder than the report.
  19. Scope height over bore for a bolt rifle

    What is your length of pull on the rifle? It looks really long with that side-fold adapter on there. With the LOP fairly long, that seems to be pushing your scope further back than would be normal. Therefore causing your interference issue at the front of the rail.
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