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  1. 04 Silverado blower motor

    J case fuse is blown. Why? Is the relay bad? Should I check the relay before I replace the fuse? (Don’t want to buy 2 if I don’t need to) Thanks in advance.
  2. Threads I started?

    How do/can I find them?
  3. Guess what this is.

    Fresh out of my personal mine! (I have 2) [rofl]
  4. Name That Bug!

    Actually this bug. And does it bite?😂🤔
  5. What is this?

    I feel like I should know, but I don’t. 🤔
  6. Don’t tell me it’s a frikken broom!

    But what kind of broom?:D It has a reservoir.
  7. Granny Phone

    Can we still get "old school" phones? No internet, skype, instatwit/twitagram. Just talk and text? One of my young-ins is in need of a correction. She is using Verizon, and we don't want to change that. I will differ to the smartest people I know, right here, at NES. Thanx D!
  8. Oil filled space heaters

    I have electric baseboard heat. Very expensive! I'm looking to learn about the heaters mentioned in the thread title. Are they effective?? Are they expensive to run? Who makes a good one? Am I better off with the lame baseboard heaters I have? It's 56 in here, and I think the little disk...
  9. Winter tree felling.

    Lousy thread title, I know. If your dropping trees for firewood, does it stand to reason, that trees dropped in the dead of winter, when sap is in the roots, the wood “season” faster?
  10. Surge breaks

    How do they work? I have no idea. Looking to tow a lift, and it has them. Wanting to know what I'm in for. Thanks.
  11. BS scam?

    So, I'm cruising NES, click the turtleboy link in the soon to be infamous judges daughter thread, and this pops up. Not touching the laptop until I know what I'm dealing with. Should I run to the bank and change everything so my vast wealth isn't stolen? Hey, $68 is $68!
  12. Mom just wished me Happy birthday!

    10 minutes ago! It was on the 9th.[rolleyes] Not good.
  13. So, you think you're tough?

    I'm clothes shopping with my 12 yo daughter. I need a woman!
  14. Amazon Firestick

    I have a basic understanding of the now unavailable first gen. Now it seems all I can find is the alexa version. As I understand it, this version listens to you. No way I want that. Can this version be used without alexa?
  15. $750,000, and 3 Zeroes.

    That's how much my town allotted for a feasibility study to determine if the middle school needs replacing. I would have done it, and saved them 5 zeroes. Me; "this building is older than most of you, sounds feasible to me." CRSIII collects $750, saving the town 3 zeroes.
  16. The internet is useless.

    I can't google for sh!t Why won't my washer spin properly? It spins, but wikkid slow! Well, now it don't spin, period! WTF!
  17. BBQ Fest! Who's going? I'm thinking Saturday with my youngest and maybe one of her besties. I won the chili contest years ago. Great time!
  18. Siri-isms

    Or, what that dumb shit thought you said.
  19. Another "what is this" thread.

    I know it's a caterpillar, but what kind of butterfly/moth will it become?
  20. Wiki likes statues? I know there are a number of Minute Man statues in metro worst out there. Anyone want to take on this mission? I think you all know why. [devil2][devil2][devil2]
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