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  1. RI makes a deal to reopen gun ranges

    From the RI 2A coalition today: Attention Second Amendment Supporters, EXTREMELY IMPORTANT MESSAGE - There has been some confusion and some differing interpretations relative to the Governor's Executive Order 20-09, signed on March 22, 2020. This order, which is in effect until...
  2. Providence man accidentally shoots himself while sitting in bed

    Hopefully this will impact his ability to breed? [mg] Providence man accidentally shoots himself while sitting in bed PROVIDENCE -- A Providence man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum while sitting on his bed Thursday night, police said. Edward Martinez, 22, was taken to Rhode Island...
  3. Tiverton man accidentally shoots wife in neck

    What do you know, another gun that just went off while being cleaned. [thinking] Tiverton man accidentally shoots wife in neck You don't say? Dumbass.....
  4. Grace from Howie Carr Show gets behind a shotgun

    She almost fell on her a**. Why do most women lean back when shooting? Watch Grace’s first shot ever! Not guilty?
  5. Need some central A/C help

    I have an Armstrong central A/C which is combined with a hydro-air heating system. It's about 10 years old, R22 refrigerant. It's blowing warm air, so we had a local HVAC company out, for $100, the tech told me it had lost charge. So here's the plan from them: 1. For an additional $700...
  6. Boston Police Commissioner William Evans: “We’re All Muslims Deep Down”

    Just great. Did this guy get dropped on his head too many times as an infant? Linky
  7. Trailer: "Boston Accent", a must-see Seth Myers movie

    Dawn-a [rofl]
  8. Alan Gura interview

    Good long form interview with Alan Gura where he discusses the Heller and McDonald cases, and why he's no big fan of the NRA. Great stuff.
  9. Rapist and thief with a unique name

    When the cops asked him for his name, he said (and I quote) - Phuc Kieu [laugh2] Man named Phuc Kieu tries to ‘sexually assault, rob’ passerby
  10. Brave hero 1, puppy 0 (again)

    At least the LEO went home safe. Dog not so much. Police Body-Cam Captures Puppycide.
  11. Liberals Shoot Guns for the First Time

    OK, I'll just leave this right here. I know you guys love this kind of sh*t.
  12. Midstate Gun Co. (RI) Fall Pistol and Rifle League

    Just got this from Facepalm, more info at their website
  13. A little too much off the top

    Surgeons just didn't know when to quit. Should have gone with a Moel. Alabama Husband Woke Up Post-Circumcision With No Penis: Lawsuit Here's the Moel he should have used: Gilda Radner SNL
  14. The "Blue Balls" spreadsheet

    At least he's getting some... [rofl] Husband’s Spreadsheet Of When His Wife Denied Sex Goes Viral – And Garners Some Surprising Comments
  15. Prince William PD want to give teen a hard time.

    WTF? Cops Want to Give Teen an Erection and Photograph It... You Know, For Evidence
  16. Armed robbery outside Northeast Philadelphia gun range

    One victim shot, seven firearms stolen. Ten years ago I lived in a nearby neighborhood, so I know the area well. Suspects at large after gun range robbery, shooting
  17. Yeah, the sheep are well trained in the paradise of New Jersey

    Car fire, hilarity ensues. New Jersey Mall Evacuated After Car Fire Sparks Panic
  18. Explosion at ammunition plant near Nashville

    Rio Ammunition - blast in the packing area for shotgun shells. 1 killed, 3 injured in explosion at McEwen ammo plant
  19. MA Treasurer Grossman passes a kidney stone ... on stage?

    Gross Man for sure. Sorry if dupe, I searched first. linky
  20. Baltimore off duty cop strangles dog.

    We should have a puppycide megathread. There a few more links of interest at the bottom of this article. Baltimore police officer charged with killing girlfriend's puppy
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