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  1. WTB Want to Buy some 380

    I can use a case of 380 auto Lesser amounts Ok too. Let me know what you have I’m in the Hudson MA are but will travel
  2. dupe delete

    dupe delete
  3. Metal (ammo) Cabinet on CL Norton $50

    No affiliation. Good for ammo? 3w x 4.5h x 2 d. Guy’s name is Dave Said first $50 will take it.
  4. Asimov’s Foundation

    I sure hope they don’t F this up
  5. How Much Toilet Paper is Enough Mega Roll Thread

    Thread dedicated to the discussion of what members of the NES community need to keep their hiney clean and shiney. Do not “dirty” up the thread with other topics like how much ammo is enough.
  6. How can I restore deleted photos? - iPhone and PC

    Do any of you know how to restore deleted photos from iPhone and/or PC Win 10? No iCloud backup. I was copying off my iPhone to a PC. They were there but I must had done something boneheaded (undo?) without knowing it and then proceeded to delete them from my phone. Now I can't find them...
  7. MIA WW II Vet finally returned home and laid to rest in Marlboro

    I got a heads up about this last night so my wife and I went to the funeral service today to pay respect to Sgt. Alfred Sandini. The town did a terrific job honoring him with a huge flag hanging in the center, firefighters, police and military. There were probably a couple hundred in...
  8. PayPal alternatives?

    Do any of you use an alternative to PayPal for accepting online money transfers? They stopped allowing me to accept any payments (including friends and family) on Jan 1st because I refuse to hand over my SS number to them. The chimp I spoke to let it slip that it has to do with the 2018 MA DOR...
  9. Need Chimney pro in Hudson MA area

    Got a smokey fireplace. Its clean, has a relatively new s/s liner but which I think is too small. I bricked around the opening a bit to reduce the area and it is in ratio to the flue size. That helped some, but not enough. Don't want to reduce it any more. The wife ain't happy... so I ain't...
  10. WTS gone

  11. Democrats pitch repeal of tax cuts to fund infrastructure

    Yeah, Ok Chuck. Tell that to all the people who got their crumbs... Senate Democrats pitch repeal of tax cuts to fund infrastructure Senate Democrats pitch repeal of tax cuts to fund infrastructure The plan would roll back many of the law's benefits for the wealthy. By TOBY ECKERT...
  12. Frontiersmen

    Anyone watching the Frontiersmen series on the History Channel?
  13. dupe deleted

    dupe deleted
  14. MA law 11/29/17 retroactively taxes all 3rd pty (PayPal) transactions as income

    WTF? How did they sneak this one in on 11/29/17? I just received a 1099 to pay tax to MA for a handful of eBay sales last year from our effort to start downsizing. So at the end of the year, just before Christmas MA sneaks this in and makes it retroactive for all of 2017?! MA is going...
  15. Massachusetts is the Worst State in the Country

    That's right, Every other State has already or is in the process of having these removed. Faker Baker was on the news today and flat out refuses. We have more of these on the road than ANY other State in the Country. Where is Herr Healey on this public safety issue??? Where is Liawatha...
  16. Weekend mini heatwave - anyone go shooting?

    Took advantage of the unusually warm weather today and hit the outdoor range today with my son before he heads back to college. We started to break in his new Savage and zero the scope. It was so nice after having been locked up in the igloo for the last month due to the arctic weather and...
  17. I can't get enough of

    ... watching Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. I'm watching it for what the thousandth time on SyFI channel and I still get a perpetual woody for her in this role. Definitely defined for me the perfect ripped, bad ass heroine that so many others have followed. G-damn she is smokin' hot in...
  18. Canada pays terrorist who killed US soldier $8 million

    FU Canada
  19. Anyone know about old toy soldiers?

    I'm trying to find information about this old metal toy soldier I just unearthed doing demolition under the staircase going up to my attic. The sides of the stairs are open in the attic and this fell and got trapped underneath decades ago. Its an old house and has renovations going back to the...
  20. Let's say I break into your house...

    This was forwarded to me today without a source. Hope its not a dupe. I did however find a link. A lady wrote the best letter in the editorials! It explains things better than all the baloney you hear on TV. Her point: Recently large demonstrations have taken place across the country...
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