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  1. Question(s) for Linux geeks

    I realize there's a stigma around it but in place upgrades do work. If you don't want to troubleshoot DNS, since you're working with a VM, why don't you clone your DC for backup and try the 2016 upgrade? I haven't done it on a production DC but I did it in my labs more than once with good...
  2. Question(s) for Linux geeks

    If you're putting a new DC up and the domain leaves with the old DC you need to have a look at DNS. It's where you're problem is. Linux won't give you what AD does. Usually you use something like sssd to add a Linux machine to an AD domain because the security is way easier to manage that way...
  3. WTF. Saw this on rt 1 Saugus

    As mentioned the guy in the picture is Sikh. Not sure of the writing but it's not Arabic. They don't follow mohammed and are generally a live and let live kind of folks. The were the military class in India at one point though and still have to carry a sword at all times once they've been...
  4. Got a box of Charcoal today.........

    What ya stuffing that in?
  5. Xfinity realistic lowest cost per month internet

    I ditched directv for Netflix/Hulu. Not that clear of a picture on DSL but I don't watch much tv and it's $120 / month cheaper. The games kill everything.
  6. Xfinity realistic lowest cost per month internet

    As much as I don't want to I'm getting xfinity. DSL sucks too much to let me work from home and I'm paying $95 a month for the suckage. I'm not getting tv with it so maybe I won't have to fight with them after the promotion period. My thinking is if I'm paying $90 a month and still have...
  7. How good is my new knife sharpener???

    This is a good upgrade to the KO sharpener. Makes it a lot more versatile.
  8. My daughter said I need to clean off my coffee table.

    Looks perfectly normal to me. I would think she'd be happy you're putting it to good use.
  9. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I haven't had much luck with these yet but I'm still trying.
  10. Massachusetts Ammo 9mm

    Go green and post it here. WTS/WTT Firearm accessories
  11. 80% lowers in MA

    I don't see "ghost gun" on the list of charges. A lot of bloviating about something they want to outlaw but no law he was charged with breaking that contains "ghost".
  12. Put a fart can on my daughters 94 Saturn SL1

    I put cherry bombs on my '73 Camaro. The didn't stay too long. If you think a red Camaro attracts cops try one you can hear coming from a mile out.
  13. Put a fart can on my daughters 94 Saturn SL1

    I think the walker might win this one. I didn't see a Bosal to fit the SL1 but Walker has them. Rust comes up as the issue for a lot of the lower prices ones I've looked at but I'll put a few coats of paint on it and see if that helps it last. The car has some life left in it. She got it 2...
  14. Put a fart can on my daughters 94 Saturn SL1

    Not red anymore. I did paint the seams with black high temp paint to slow down the rust though. I'll check out Bosal. I learned my lesson and I'm using the interwebs before I buy now. I did offer to put a spoiler on and paint it toxic green but she didn't seem interested. Walker does seem to...
  15. Put a fart can on my daughters 94 Saturn SL1

    A month ago I heard someone coming up the road with a really loud car.. A minute later my daughter walks in. I said that's an exhaust leak to be proud of and she tells me she didn't notice, it's always sounds like that. I started the car and poked my head under. I'm not sure if there was a hole...
  16. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    There's enough roast beef here for two sandwiches!
  17. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    I'm going to need floss after this.
  18. Things you can say at the dinner table and in bed.

    Lick your fingers.
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