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  1. Anyone Use A Hotspot For Home Internet?

    Anyone Use A Hotspot For Home Internet? Moving to rural NE TN next week, looked a Viasat for internet service because it's the only game in the area. Very expensive for very crappy internet service, just a tad better than dial-up. Started to look at setting up a home hotspot through my cell...
  2. Apparently My Gas Grill LP Tank Has Expired

    Went down to the local farm & pet store to pick up some chicken feed and get the LP tank filled. Some baby faced kid who looked like they just yanked him off his mothers tit told me no go. Points to the date on the tank, 1998 says needs to be re-certified every 12 years. I asked if he could let...
  3. Surpised @ High Cost Of PODS Containers

    Moving to TN in Oct. Just got off the phone with one of the PODS reps. Knew it wasn't going to be wallet friendly when I had to call in for the quote. They don't provide pricing on line. $2400 for a 16 footer from WMass to Northeast corner of Tennessee. Since this is the USA and companies can...
  4. Comps & Selling A House

    Our new home in TN will be ready this fall. House here in WMass has gone on the market this May. Trying to get my head around this comparable pricing scam we've just been introduced to. Interviewed 4 realtors and they all sang the same song. My house is only worth what my neighbors house's...
  5. Indoor Range Explosion

    Indoor Range Explosion View: WTH unburnt powder build up?
  6. Christmas Neighbor From Hell

    Christmas Neighbor From Hell. Lot of butt hurt going on here. Guessing single middle aged douchebag guy with nothing to live for. Would you sell at a loss and move out? Stay and be miserable, putting up with his crap? Or go full retard and retaliate until he's chased out? Amazing how simple...
  7. A Bucket Of Shrimp

    Friend sent over this email today, thought it worth sharing. A Bucket Of Shrimp This is a wonderful story and it is true. You will be glad that you read it, and I hope you will pass it on. It happened every Friday evening, almost without fail, when the sun resembled a giant orange and was...
  8. Baiting A Hog To Feed A Gator

    Was going to post in Fun Pic Thread, after thinking about it, decided not the place. Not right to bait the pig into the water to be taken by the gator. Granted hogs aren't tearing up Mass and I don't have run any in with'em. Wouldn't do that to any animal, let wildlife prey naturally. I would...
  9. Boot Camp D I Shenanigans

    Anyone got any good Boot Camp stories? I went to PI in the early 80's the shit the DI's made us do looking back on it was pretty funny. Not so much when it was happening to you. We were Charley company platoon 2049 started with 106 Marine wannabees, graduated 48 privates with a hand full of...
  10. Home Equity Line of Credit, Good or Bad?

    Looking to buy acreage in eastern Tennessee this winter. Stopped in to my local bank & asked if they would do a out of state loan on property. Was promptly steered to home equity line of credit. Don't know much about them anyone have experience? I own my home out right, have the money to pay...
  11. Wisconsin company to implant microchips in its employees

    Here we go, cashless society and of course......666.
  12. Armored Bulldozer
  13. Name This Classic Actor Got 50 out of 55 with a little help from the wife.
  14. Small Home Safe Recommendations

    Small Home Safe Recommendations, Looking for a recommendation on a small bedroom safe for home type valuables. Approx. ideal specs: 2'x2'x2' in size. Less than 300lbs. (needs to go upstairs) Can be bolted to floor. Any price point. Prefer not to be electronic, will consider. I'm...
  15. DI's @ Parris Island Under Investigation for Hazing & Abuse

    Hazing & abuse at Parris Island?, hell that's all that I can remember about boot camp. Making the new Marines into wusses who can have their feeling hurt, then add in the Tranies. WTF we are so screwed on the battle field.
  16. Pack of 15-20 Coydogs Kills Cows

    Police in Gill are asking people to be on the look out for a pack of coydogs. Yeah, and our 10 round mag restriction is helpful.
  17. 45 M&P Mags on sale $15

    Just ordered a bunch of M&P 45 mags from S&W. Regular price is $42.84, 8-10 weeks delivery, $6.50 shipping plus tax. Not a bad deal for slightly used mags.
  18. 'The X-Files' reboot on FOX tonight

    Long time fan, six new episodes, hope it's good, starts after the NFC game tonight.
  19. Would you draw?

    Four against one, would you draw your weapon in this situation? (Assuming you're not a fighter like the victim.)
  20. Fox Game Not Fitting TV Screen

    Watching the games on Fox I can't get the picture adjusted so I can see the score & game clock box. Tried all settings on TV & cable (Comcrap) box. I'm at wits end. Anyone got any ideas whats going on? It seems the picture is zoomed in, cutting out the sides of the game.
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