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  1. Gun Ban

    So how long after Biden get into office will he start to pass gun bans? The ATF will have his blessing to go wild on control,and States like MA. will go full retard.
  2. Emma Peel, won't be down for Breakfast.

    Diana Riggs who played Ms. Peel on the show the Avengers died today at the age of 82.
  3. 6mm flobert

    Hi guys,I am looking for some 6mm flobert ammo 22cb.
  4. Spirit Airlines Rant.

    So we had to come back to Boston from Florida. We took Spirit Air because they owed us on our ticket we had when all this shit first happened. I call ahead of time to make sure we had nice wide front row seats,and there was spacing between people.Now I have a bad back, so if I have to walk a...
  5. Best offer?

    Now I am not trying to bust anyone's balls here,but I always miss understood the best offer deal.Like if some put an item up for $3 or best offer my understanding is that he want $3 or what your willing to offer under that. I get the $3 or best highest offer.That kind of puts it into a bidding war.

    It look like from what I read SIG in Germany is closing.
  7. RANT

    OK,I just needed to vent on this one.I win an auction on GunBrokers for a gun stock so seller emails me ,and tells me how much for shipping,and where to send the USPS money order.I am in Florida so I send him the money order from my location in Florida stating to send item to this location.I...

    I don't know if this is real, or some bullshit email. did anyone else get this email? The mail stated that at this time of possible civil unrest in our area may result in looting of businesses. The ATF reminds you to stay vigilant and to take appropriate steps to secure both your firearm...
  9. Finally finished my man TV cave.

    Well it's finished one of two rooms that I can call my own, and the other one is not built yet.
  10. Virus idiots

    The other day I am in my car waiting outside a restaurant for our food when I see this lady walk up with a mask,gloves,and a large Clorox wipe container.The waitress walks up to her,and shows her the bill then takes her credit card into the restaurant,as the waitress is coming out the lady pulls...
  11. Licence to practice medicine?

    I just heard that Baker will give a licence to practice to anyone that had at least 2 years of medical training in there Country, or was a Doctor in their Country.I stayed at a holiday Inn Express I think I will get one.
  12. I ran a car over today.

    It was a nice sunny day today in Florida,so I thought I would go out.and run a car over.
  13. Spending the winter in Florida.

    So I am on my third week of wintering in Florida, I love this free air anyone will mail anything here.Nice new hi-cap magazines for the guns that I am keeping here. It's just a whole new world I am really not missing MA at all.

    From my understanding NES will be down for 8 hours tomorrow for upgrades.I had a long talk with my doctor about this,and how to handle the withdrawal associated with this. He suggested that I drink heavily the night before,and in the morning puke my guts out go to my gun room,and hug my guns...
  15. DELAYED.

    So on Thursday I go to the gun shop,and I see this nice little toy that was begging for me to take it home. Well I do the paperwork thing,and I always get sent to secondary, but after awhile it goes threw.This time the guy behind the counter tell me I am delayed, and hands me that what the F^*K...
  16. Florida carry permit

    Hi does anyone here have an out of State Florida carry permit,and how did they go about getting it. Thank you.
  17. In this heat remember folks.

  18. Grandsons Birthday.

    It was my Grandsons 2nd birthday today,so I ordered a few ponies for the kids, come to find out it was the same guy I used for my kids birthday when they were around two years old.Here is a picture of my Son,Grandson,and Myself.The only thing I didn't like was the guy wouldn't let me ride the pony.
  19. Well it's happening.

    I guess from this the NRA is going to close down if we don't give them more money to fight the closing. Whatever happened to send us money, and we will send you a hat?
  20. Show us your C96 Mauser

    Here is my C96 family
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