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  1. AR 15 .22LR Conversion Kits - GTG?

    I have been eying a CMMG .22 LR conversion kit recently. Barrel on the upper has a 1/7 twist rate and I would be using primarily bulk federal ammo. Anybody have any experience with CMMG or other brand kits? Reliability? Accuracy?
  2. Lawn Fungus?

    Over seeded fall lawn has been lookin great until the recent spike in temperature. A whole bunch of patches seem to be dying off all of a sudden. Any idea what is going on or how to treat? Is there a fungus among us?
  3. WTS - 1 Vote

    I had a dream last night that I listed my vote in the classifieds for $100. Lol. Even though it doesn’t do me much good in MA, I am sure it is illegal to sell. I changed my mind. NFS!
  4. WTT My 9mm for your .45 ACP

    Looking to trade my 9mm target ammo, brass or aluminum cased, various makes for your .45 ACP. Going rate is about the same right now, so looking for an even 1 for 1 trade. Located in Shrewsbury Contact via PM All laws followed. Must have LTC
  5. 1911 Rear Sight Elevation Screw Removal?

    I boogered the elevation screw on my 1911. The screw has a very narrow slit and it took a lot of torque to turn it. Doh! It is not terrible, but it bugs me. I have a replacement screw now and am wondering how to remove the old one. I don’t see any way to crack into the sight.. so do I just keep...
  6. Welding - How to Learn?

    I have wanted to learn how to weld for a LONG time and I may finally have the funds and time to get my feet wet. I have ZERO experience. How do you think I should go about learning? Is it worth it to fork over $3-$500 for a crash course (if I can even find one with COVID) or is that $ better...
  7. Lead Smelting - What Ladle?

    I am starting to accumulate supplies for my first attempt at smelting and I am stuck on the ladle... I will be scooping out of a cut 20# propane tank. I am seeing a lot of antique cast iron smelting / melting ladles on eBay which look nice and sturdy, but most of the handles are straight. I...
  8. Reunited and it Feels so Good!

    Have you ever lost a beloved pocket knife for so long that you considered it a goner? And then you unexpectedly find it in some random place? Than you know how good it feels to be reunited :) RAT II - not a fancy knife (because i am prone to losing them) but it has been my EDC for a long...
  9. Pence vs. Harris Debate

    Tonight at 9. Anyone going go to watch it? I am curious to see how Pence performs. [popcorn]
  10. Going rate for pewter?

    I am a total newb when it comes to casting and am just starting to collect material. Stopped by a thrift shop yesterday and saw some pewter for sale, but I have no idea what the going rate is. What would you all say?
  11. What Caliber for Stink Bugs?

    We are under invasion from stink bugs as I type this. It is a full out assault. Our defenses are weak and they are exploiting every opportunity to enter the house and terrorize the family. They must be taken out. 00 Buck? 45-70? Tannerite?
  12. Black Licorice Anyone?

    I would put black licorice in the same category as candy corn and circus peanuts. Seriously, who enjoys eating this stuff? Apparently this guy did.. “A 54-year-old Massachusetts man...
  13. Fall Lawn Repair

    Tall fescue invaded my lawn a few years ago and I have since been plotting it's demise. That is, until they survived the scorching this summer. In fact, it looks like they rather enjoyed it! So I am going all in with 40lbs of seed to lay down after some aggressive dehatching and aerating. I...
  14. Big Daddy Unlimited

    Subscription based retailer that a lot of you tubers are plugging. Anyone use it? Thoughts? And do they have fixed list of inventory or are they some sort of clearing house with random stuff?
  15. Delete

  16. SOLD Withdrawn

  17. How many lumens for an indoor weapon light?

    Finally looking at weapon lights. How many lumens would you all recommend for a primarily indoor weapon? I am seeing some that go up to 1500 lumens, but am thinking that might actually be too bright.
  18. Alone - Season 7

    Anyone else watching? Season 7 is off to a good start. They have some solid folks on this season, all trying to hit 100 days. The rules are not necessarily clear this go around, but basically if you hit 100 days you get $1,000,000. But what if 2 or three people hit 100 days? What is nobody...
  19. Anyone see the Stealth Bomber?

    Just had about 10 fighter jets pass over, including what looked like a stealth bomber. Very cool! In central MA and they were headed west.
  20. Panic Buying for the Next Generation?

    Do you all think it is crazy to start buying stuff for the next generation? I am thinking trying to get ahead of AWB 2.0 etc.. I feel like it is just a matter of time and I don’t want to be kicking myself in 20 years.
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