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  1. S&W M&P 9C sighting in advice needed.

    yeah what distance and what ammo are the first questions to answer
  2. Does this brass have any value?

    I don't see any 5.56 in that bin. I see mostly 30 cal (30-06 and 7.62) and some 45ACP. All the primers I see look to be bronze colored, which would be right for LC once fired. The one with the silver primer is almost certainly reloaded.
  3. Deals and steals

    Exactly. Gov't buys from the lowest bidder so who knows what the real spec is. Its without a doubt NOT a millionth of an inch lol.
  4. New acquisitions November 2020-Firearms only

    @40 caliber I've heard that ported magnums are crazy loud. How was that?
  5. .308 rifle won't go into battery?

    ^this, its easy. And will teach you how it all works too.
  6. Budget upper help

    ^this, many posters seem to have missed the point of his request.
  7. Steyr import maadi value

    search gunbroker completed auctions
  8. Budget upper help

    Steel case is the only thing the x39 upper I got from them gets fed and it hasn't complained yet!
  9. Budget upper help

    Bear Creek has good stuff for not a lot of money @dgrantdoherty I've bought a couple of uppers from them, .223 & 7.62x39 and happy with both.
  10. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    That's interesting, mine is significantly off when the bayo is closed. Like inches.
  11. 50 BMG hunting deer

  12. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Wait they changed the website??
  13. Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire, Sources Say

    CORRECTION!! She did not JUST help a pedophile by luring young girls for him, SHE ALSO SEXUALLY ABUSED THEM.
  14. I am not Buying from Black Bullets Anymore

    Yeah sometimes its a temporary credit while they investigate. Other times, depending on the card and the amount and perhaps the history of the merchant, it will just be permanent off the bat. They will tell you if its temp.
  15. Jeffrey Epstein Confidante Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested In New Hampshire, Sources Say

    Awww poor pedophile isn't being treated well in prison? Tough sh*t
  16. Classic Firearms Finally Burns Me

    This does NOT absolve them from misrepresenting the product they sold. A dead night sight is certainly not cosmetic for one thing.
  17. Classic Firearms Finally Burns Me

    Sounds like it was clearly misrepresented and defective. File a dispute with your credit card company and make them take it back. Don't just suck it up, that's 2 different grounds for doing a chargeback.
  18. Somebody wants to make a statement..........

    That begs the question what was he doing that got the cops in his apartment wanting to jam him up for a single round of ammo? There is a LOT more to that story.
  19. Reloading 9mm

    paging @andrew1220 !
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