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  1. Concrete forms

    Any concrete form guys in the Plymouth area?
  2. Experienced framer question

    Looking to talk to an experienced framer about my cathedral gambrel dormer
  3. Hunting for a miter saw

    I’ve been tearing the net apart looking for a particular miter saw. It’s a ridgid 10” sliding compound miter saw with 70 degree miter capacity. Their discontinued a year ago but I still want one. I can get the 12” one all day but their just to cumbersome to move around all the time. Their has to...
  4. Called out for not wearing a mask

    Was out doing some errands with my lady and decided to stop at an outdoor farm stand. Had about 50 freakin dollars worth of goodies in our cart when some perky no it all young chick announces from 20’ away from me that I need to be wearing a mask loud enough for everybody covering the 100 square...
  5. Invasive drones !

    So in Connecticut according to the news , they are going to start using drones to monitor the amount of people in a group and take your temp ! I just feel like the feds are out of line here. How long before their in a pile from people shooting them down ? The flu is killing more people than the...
  6. Kristin fisher or Dana Perino ?

    Tasty num nums !
  7. Pembroke car crash

    My daughters best friend was killed on Sunday in a car crash by a drunk driver. I’m completely crushed by this. I’ve watched these two little girls grow up together on the soccer field. They have been on the same team together for 6 years. I can’t imaging the pain her parents and the other...
  8. New York plates !

    has anyone else noticed the amount of NY licence plates around the city ? What’s going on ??
  9. Nuke plant and taxes

    Does anybody know what’s going to happen to the tax rate for home owners in Plymouth now that the plant is shut down ? Seriously looking hard in Plymouth for a new home but don’t want to get slammed with ridiculous property taxes !
  10. PCP pump

    wondering if someone in the Plymouth area can help me with a pcp pump ? Much appreciated!
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