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  1. 222 Rem Magnum?

    Anyone have any 222 Remington Magnum ammo they can spare? I can buy or trade for it. Don't need a lot.
  2. What round are these bullets used in?

    I bought a small pile of reloading supplies from an estate of an in-law's relative. Among other things was this box of bullets. There seems to be 3 different types in here as you can see, but they're all about 152-154gr give or take a grain and the diameter is .287" I don't think he had any...
  3. Anyone looking for a .308 CMP special?

    Four Seasons has one and it is really gorgeous. CMP wood but nicely finished. They also have an IHC Garand with an LMR barrel which I didn't really look at. ETA: $1399 for the .308
  4. posted a couple of antiques in the classifieds

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up, I posted a couple of my antique rifles for sale in the classifieds here. One is a model 1896 Krag that's been cut down to carbine configuration. Good looking rifle and a good shooter: WTS - 1896 Krag "Carbine" Other is a Model 1888 Trapdoor that's really...
  5. M1917 Unicorn captured! (aka unaltered Eddystone)

    Here's something I bet most of you have never seen before, an as-issued M1917 Eddystone! Its unmolested since it left the factory back in October 1918. The only thing that wasn't right was mixmaster bolt, which I'm in the process of replacing with the correct one. My thanks to John Beard and...
  6. Nashua?

    Anyone go to the Nashua show today? Curious if its any good.
  7. READ THIS (regarding the AWB enforcement action) before you panic please!

    Before listening to the idiots telling you the Garand is now outlawed and other such stupidity, read this site and pay particular attention to the two excerpts from it I pasted below... (under the Questions & Answers tab) There are many rifles...
  8. Smith Corona 03A3 at Collectors in Stoneham

    If anyone is looking for a decent 03A3 there's an SC at Collectors in Stoneham for $600. I checked it out earlier today and its decent. Needs a cleaning but the receiver and barrel are both SC (probably original barrel). Stock is decent with FJA and ordinance wheel but can't confirm if its SC...
  9. Next Level Firearms - Salem NH, great new shop!!

    Just had the pleasure yesterday of heading up to see Brian at the newly opened Next Level Firearms store in Salem NH. What a great shop and great guys running it! I met Brian, his dog and his business partner Alex there and all 3 were friendly and at least 2 of them were very knowledgeable as...
  10. Popular powders and primers @ Collectors Stoneham

    I stopped by Collectors in Stoneham today to check out the used selection and saw a ton of popular powders available. Several jugs of 231 ($26-27 as I recall) a 4# of Universal, at least a half dozen Varget 1#, AA #7 & #9, many CFE Pistol, I4064, 4831, 3031, Lil Gun, and several other pistol &...
  11. Can't believe only 2 people want my 303 brass

    In case you guys didn't see the karma I'm doing for .303 British brass...
  12. CMP 1911 update

    Aww hell...[frown]
  13. Kragalicious!

    Finally picked up a Krag. Saw this one at the LGS where I got the SVT and went back the next week to get it. Its an 1898 rifle semi-sporterized but really well done IMO, looks like a carbine but isn't. Whoever cut the stock did such a good job that it doesn't even look like it was shortened...
  14. My SVT-40

    Picked this beauty up from the LGS a couple of weeks ago probably a day after it arrived. Couldn't believe it was still there considering the condition, and I think I got a great deal at an even $1000 for it. Looks like it hasn't been fired more than literally a few rounds since it was...
  15. Kroil locally?

    Anywhere sell Kroil locally in eastern MA or NH?
  16. My new-to-me 1884 Springfield Trapdoor

    I picked up a nice 1884 Springfield Trapdoor rifle a couple of weeks ago. The stock was pretty much black with grime and the barrel had a bit of grit on it above the woodline, but the bore looked decent and all the cartouches were present and strong. Didn't look like it had been sanded or...
  17. tell me about Trapdoor rifles

    Thinking about getting a Springfield Trapdoor, maybe an 1884 model but not picky. Don't know a whole lot about them right now so anyone who has/had one, tell me about them. The cartridge looks enormous to me, is the kick worse than a mosin carbine?
  18. Favorite Tokarev load?

    I just got a nice big batch of new 7.62x25 brass for my M57 and wondering if anyone else is reloading this caliber. What's your favorite recipe?
  19. Field Grades to be available again @ CMP

    According to Orest regarding Springfields... "You should be able to expect field and service grades in the future, when we are caught up - not that far off now." Anyone ever get a SA field grade? Curious what to expect compared to the SG I got.
  20. Glenn's ammo & reloading has 91/30s

    Just went by today and he's got 4 nice looking 91/30s on the shelf. $175 includes the gun, bayonet, dog collar sling (looks like the real thing too, didn't really examine it too closely tho), double ammo pouch, oiler and tool kit in the canvas pouch. They look very clean too, not greasy. He...
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