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  1. SKS Barrel On AK?

    I'm looking to turn my AK into a poor mans Semi- Auto RPK. Being an m70 Opap my AK already has the thicker receiver , I know the add on parts I need. I was wondering if you could put a SKS barrel on an AK. I'm no smith but wondering the possibility of it.
  2. Flash Supp. and Other Muzzle Brake Device Legality

    I was wondering if flash supp. are legal in RI, or what muzzle brakes are? Wanting to turn my AK into a poor mans semi auto RPK (RPK style muzzle brake, drum mag and bipod). Thanks in advance.
  3. Any Outdoor Ranges In RI, Non-Membership.

    Been looking for an outdoor range in RI where you don't have to be a member. Been shooting at SRO, great indoor range,store and people but I want to test out my accuracy at a farther distance. Also the ammo price difference is a decent amount when you buy in bulk. I don't know the legality of...
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