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  1. Any gunsmiths specializing in CZ Shadow 2 near Swansea Ma

    The Shadow 2 is a fairly recent design, and is basically just a more modern interpretation of the SP-01 Shadow. They are surprisingly easy guns to work on, especially compared to a regular CZ-75 with a decocker. There is really not a lot of room for slide or frame customization on these guns...
  2. S&W "Restricted" parts

    We are S&W armorers who deal with the factory frequently over the last decade, and S&W will not sell us trigger bars, striker blocks, slides, strikers, etc. They claim all of their semi auto parts for MA compliant guns are under "part control", and always want the gun returned to the factory...
  3. Failure to feed, WASR 10/63

    You are in an unfortunate situation here. This rifle has what we call a "single stack" bolt installed. It was never intended to be converted to accept double stack magazines, and it will not function correctly with them in its current configuration. This is unfortunately a very common garage...
  4. Can you thread bolt action rifle barrel for brake with action still attached?

    Your barrel can absolutely be threaded with the action still attached, as long as your gunsmith has access to a lathe with a 4" spindle or greater. The rem 700 is a pretty skinny action, and they are very easy guns to work with. All that being said, there is literally zero downside to removing...
  5. Local gunsmith to chop a 16" AR Barrel to 14.5 and pin.

    Current Market value to thread an AR barrel is about $120, an additional $40 for a pin and weld, and many places will charge you hourly "assembly labor" on top of that. It is usually cheaper/less work to buy the barrel you want than to thread a used barrel, assuming you don't want a high end...
  6. Need some work done to a collector's rifle.

    We dont care who you get to fix this rifle for you, but please dont hit it with a hammer and a punch! These are awesome little carbines, and the front sights come off with a special puller tool and some heat.
  7. Bradford USPSA Sunday September 17, 2017

    Great match as always. Thank you guys for all of your hard work!
  8. Need to shed .3 ounces.

    The easiest fix for this is to just throw the factory guide rod back in. As a guy who builds and customizes (and competes in USPSA with) Glocks for a living, I promise you are not getting as much performance increase as you think from a heavy steel guide rod.
  9. Target Barrel Re-Crown Referrals Central Mass. Or DIY?

    I totally appreciate and understand this sentiment. I am primarily a refinishing shop, and I am in no way trying to sell my own labor with my comment. I have been doing this most of my life, and I was simply trying to help. MA, in my opinion, does not have access to a lot of true long range...
  10. Target Barrel Re-Crown Referrals Central Mass. Or DIY?

    I want to step in here and potentially save someone an expensive and painful headache. I own the crowning jig listed in your post, and in no way shape or form in this an accurate tool. It is very good at making old barrels look presentable again, especially soviet stuff that is riveted together...
  11. New to competition.

    You will be on a firing line, with shooters waiting behind you to go next. CC IWB holsters usually have a rearward cant, which means that while drawing your pistol is potentially aimed at people standing behind you. Vertical carry OWB holsters are pretty standard for almost all of the USPSA...
  12. Booking Dealers for Fall Gun Show

    Sooo... safari promotions = not the same thing as safari land. Seems like an awful name choice in this industry. Looks like this show will be up in ME. What a confusing advertisement....
  13. Bradford June Matches: June 4th IDPA and June 18th USPSA

    Great match once again! Thanks for having us guys, always a ton of fun.
  14. Vancouver IPSC incident.

    I don't want to out anyone either, but disbelief is a good word for how I felt when I watched that happen. It was a honest mistake, but it definitely could have been a dangerous one. I thought the R.O. dealt with it pretty quickly and discreetly
  15. Weldable AR15 Receivers From The Flat Spot

    I have seen one of these steel lowers in person and they are uglier & heavier than you could believe. There is no scenario in which welding one of these together is cheaper or easier than finishing an 80% aluminum receiver, and having to thread the stock extension is way more of a pain than you...
  16. M&P 9mm Full Size ejecting brass to the face

    This was a known issue with a large serial number range of full size M&Ps. S&W made the same exact gun for the 9mm & 40 S&W, the only difference being the barrels and the recoil spring. The ejector and extractor were designed for the .40 S&W, and it lead to ejection issues straight back and into...
  17. Local 1911 recoil springs

    Thanks guys. Order it off Wolff. They are $7 and ship within a day or two. We unfortunately do really sell parts to the general public (yet!). I have a 14 lb spring, but is used, and commander length. Nothing in full size today.
  18. USPSA at Hopkinton Saturday June 3rd

    Looks awesome man! I am excited to finally shoot with you guys this weekend. See you Saturday morning!
  19. May 21, 2017 Special USPSA Classifier match at Bradford

    Excellent match, looking forward to next month. Thanks for having us!
  20. 2A friendly tattoo shop recommendation

    Thanks Len. My girlfriend Annie is a nationally acclaimed artist, and runs a studio called Positive Space Tattoo in Rehoboth, MA on rt 44. She has several artists on staff, and they are all at 10+ years of experience each. She is very 2nd Amendment friendly, and welcomes referrals from the gun...
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