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    ^ I have my application in and I'm very curious about the same thing.
  2. How long do your delays usually take until proceed?

    The official NICS stance is that "If you (ffl) do not receive from us within the next 3 business days, the Brady law does not prohibit you from transferring this firearm". Depending on the shop, they may not sell until they actually DO receive a call or a proceed. Walmart does this.
  3. EPA Now Wrecking Our Ambulances, Fire Trucks

    There's a reason Caterpillar decided to GTFO of the on-highway diesel business. I'm doing my part by running my truck straight piped. Not a damn thing they can do about it as its too old to have to comply with the emissions guidelines. This regeneration shit is a joke, $3000 for a filter...
  4. Got T-Boned Today

    I drive through that intersection every day. Lots of clowns around this town. Ive been hit pretty good on plain street before. Glad you're ok.
  5. Restroom etiquette.

    One time at popeyes, I knocked on the bathroom door and didn't hear anything. I opened the door to find a guy just zipping up, and in the confusion I just kept walking in. I snapped out of it and went to turn around but we both got caught in the doorway and I tripped him on the way out. The...
  6. Wilmington Firearm & Knife Show 2013

    I made it out with some stripper clips, and 1 can of 7.62x54r from the guy on the stairs, after some guy lectured me for 15 minutes on why I shouldn't shoot corrosive out of any gun that you don't plan on throwing away. I was a pubic hair away from buying a couple packs of that "dragons breath"...
  7. New England Shooter's Warehouse in Tewksbury Ma

    Drove by a few minutes ago. People inside, fed ex truck making deliveries. Nothing up on the walls as of yet, at least what I could see from the parking lot. Doesn't look to promising for an opening date today, but it seems all that they are lacking is inventory.
  8. Official NES Sweet Rides Thread

    Here's mine. Engine by choice, Dodge by force [thinking].. 12 Valve Cummins. Straight-piped. 4" off turbo, 5" y-pipe, 6" stacks. Sorry to the Prius owners, It's all in good fun.........unless there's a Warren or Obama sticker on it.
  9. Any Ar15 armorers wrench sold locally?

    Bass pro had the Tapco ones for around $50
  10. New gun shop in Hudson, NH

    The guy behind the counter getting me the ammo said that I'd have to show it to the folks ringing up front. I've never been asked at a NH shop besides this one. I understand they are new, and I hate judging so harshly but the price gouging on the ARs got me. As long as they have it in, I'll be...
  11. New gun shop in Hudson, NH

    Visited this shop today. I was amazed to see that they had a moderate selection of AR's on the wall. I asked to see a Bushy XM-15 MOE edition (MSRP - $1,181) and almost threw it back to the guy when I saw the $1900 dollar price tag. Guess that's one way to keep the shelves stocked. Most of the...
  12. doublekick24

    8 boxes of 9mm umc on the floor as of right now. They should be there for a while.

    8 boxes of 9mm umc on the floor as of right now. They should be there for a while.
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