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  1. Question: Firearms subforum

    I noticed that below all the stickies on this forum there are only 5 active threads and no other pages available with older threads. Why is that?
  2. Tumbling after rifle case prep (sizing, de-cap, trim etc.) etc.

    I've read a few threads from history about this subject and could not really find the answer to my question. I recently started prepping some rifle brass and wanted to know if it was absolutely necessary to tumble after case prep? Is the only reason for this tumbling procedure to remove...
  3. Ever wonder what's inside the Presidential SUV's?

  4. Experience with S&W Model 625?

    I've become a big fan of .45 caliber and have been reading up on the 625. I haven't seen any used ones for sale in shops, nor on the forum. I've been contemplating ordering a Model 625 Jerry Miculek brand new, but wanted some local feedback or even a chance to shoot one if possible. I...
  5. 4 Year old shoots Babysitter

    Police: Angry Ohio boy, 4, shoots baby sitter Tue Jan 6, 12:22 am ET JACKSON, Ohio – Police say an angry 4-year-old Ohio boy grabbed a gun from a closet and shot his baby sitter. Eighteen-year-old Nathan Beavers was hospitalized Sunday with minor wounds to his arm and side after the...
  6. P229 or P220

    I'm torn between these two great firearms...I am really partial to the .45ACP round at the moment. However, I have a chance to obtain a P229 in .40cal for a decent price. I will someday own both, but am having trouble making the decision of which one I'd like to own first. I need some help to...
  7. Turkey Farms in Central Ma.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for local turkey farm to the central ma area? Wife does not want the typical store bought turkey this year. Do they have to be ordered?
  8. Harpoon Fest

    Thinking of going Friday. Might be chaos like years past, although I'm getting thirsty just reading about it......
  9. Toll Booth Willy-A Ledgend

    Sounds like Patrick is making another push for electronic tolls. It shocks me to hear the toll booth operators make an avg of 70K a year!
  10. Picked up LTC-A today!

    Just wanted to report my recent lisencing experience. I'm a resident of Groton, MA and went in for my application meeting on July 21st upon finishing my NRA Basic pistol course at Blue Northern just the week before. Met with CLEO for about 15 minutes, filled out app. and was fingerprinted...
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