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    Lol, this sickness is worse than vintage Fender basses and guitars. I've been down that rabbit hole too.

    I don't know. Mine has the "C" date mark which makes it 1995 knife, but has brass bolsters.

    Thanks GC...I'd seen that post and was puzzled because he says that they had nickle bolsters, Mine clearly has brass (polished since that picture was taken). Seems like Buck was experimenting with different marketing schemes a decade or two back.

    Hey all, I just bought one of these cheap off Flea-bay and it was delivered this weekend. I've looked on Google for the back story on these knives but couldn't find anything definitive. It seems like a really nice knife and except for the etch on the blade, it appears to be identical to a...
  5. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    I gots to know...
  6. Your New Knife!

    Yep, the man is a legend
  7. Special gun

    My Marlin Model 25 22lr bolt action rifle that I bought as a wee lad of 14 fifty years ago. I still have it and as near as I can estimate, more than a half million rounds have been through that gun and it still shoots and hits whatever I point it at. My other one I will keep until I die is my...
  8. Your New Knife!

    I’ve been buying Buck knives like a drunken sailor the past month. Mostly minty used 110’s and 112’s from the 70’s and early 80’s but I have bought some new ones too. I will have to take a family picture once I get them all (some are still on the way to me). I have a thing for Buck folders from...
  9. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    An all within 45 minutes
  10. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    Just waiting for the leftovers
  11. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    haha!...mine is right below your hen with her drumsticks raised. I wonder where our other hen, Chris Pappas is? (S)he should be there too. Maybe just off the side and didn't get it the picture.
  12. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    Here's a whole bunch of turkey hens (not mine though):
  13. do I or don't I? Decisions decisions

  14. Happy 2020 Thanksgiving NES

    All the best everyone! Enjoy your time together...Eat hearty, strong and long. [cheers]
  15. 50 BMG hunting deer

    I saw this video a year or so ago. I was amazed that it was the shock wave that scrambled it's brains...literally
  16. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    That’s a cub...mama is nearby. Prepare to shit your pants.
  17. Wow. I do not have words for this

    Interesting...the last time I heard the statement "Pick your battles" was a libtard millennial here at work a couple of hours ago. My son in law, also a liberal millennial. loves to use that term. Go figure.
  18. NH Governor pulling a Governor Faker

    I signed the petition for all the good it will do. While I support this, it could backfire on us. There are quite a few anti-liberty bills being brought forward this next session. I believe that Sununu has a vindictive streak in him like his old man. If we conservatives piss him off too much...
  19. Best Place to Learn About Knife Brands

    No love for the boys in Idaho? I'm a Buck luvin' Boomer...There, I said it. ;)
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