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  1. WTS Holsters, Accessories

    I'm moving from MA back to the United States and getting rid of a bunch of stuff including holsters. These are all in excellent BNIB condition. Zero signs of wear. Check my feedback. I don't sell crap. If you have any questions please PM me. My prices are far less than buying them from retailer...
  2. question for NES braintrust regarding businesses keeping payments without services

    seeking info from the NES braintrust daycare closing due to COVID-19. not surprising. I warned staff about this in early february and I might as well have spoken german to them. daycare now plans to keep payment for all of march rather than refund or credit it towards future. they are citing...
  3. WTS Stupid Cheap last chance - Michelin XI-2 snow tires mounted, 225/65R-17 will fit Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V and others, also mazda CX-5 accessories

    WTS Multiple accessories for Mazda CX-5 mounted snow wheels/tires stupid cheap i'm moving on wed 6/3, need gone by tuesday 6/2 Location: Metrowest - Waltham Contact: PM me. Pictures: can text them if you -- (1) Retractable cargo cover. Perfect condition and functional. Per description this...
  4. Green, 5th time

    re-greened today. thanks everyone (well almost everyone) for making this such an interesting forum.
  5. Mossberg MC1 pistol

    can't say i expect this from mossberg. it's 3 oz heavier than the G43 which is sort of a bummer but if it's reliable and correctly priced mossberg may have a winner. View:
  6. big HK price drop on P30's and HK45's

    this has been discussed quite a bit on other forums but seems most aren't aware. looks like HK has been able to substantially drop their prices on various pistols including the typically overpriced P30 and HK45's. they are now in the low to mid $600 range which is something like a $300 price...
  7. recommendations for pediatricians

    wife and i will be needing a pediatrician soon. nothing specialized just basic. anyone have recommendations? i would prefer one of us (i.e. freedom-types) rather than a moonbat snowflake gun grabber. we are in eastern MA so anyone within like 15 miles of boston is good. thx in advance -squib
  8. ruger releases ranch in 7.62x39

    looks good. glad it runs on mini 30 mags. after my stellar experience w the ranch in 5.56, this one is on my radar:
  9. Ruger announces SR1911 in 10mm

    Pretty cool that Ruger is joining the 10mm world. Glad to see the cartridge is thriving. My guess is that Rock Island has been selling a good # of 10mm models so Ruger wants a piece of that pie.
  10. Ruger MKIV Recall

    couldn't find if this was already posted so I don't think it's a dupe. interesting type of issue with the safety and gun discharging.
  11. HK V3 detent plate finally available again!

    an FYI for fellow HK fans, the V3 detent plate is finally available again through these have been unobtainable for what seems like at least a few years. the V3 detent plate switches a USP or HK45 from decocker/safety to decocker only. for those of us who never run the gun...
  12. Cabelas "employee discount" coupon

    i'm probably not the only one that just received this cabelas coupon that says to present at checkout counter to receive employee discount. well being the skeptic that I am, this sounds like a filthy strategy to just get me into the store (which will work). anybody know what this coupon really...
  13. Digging the S&W 69 and 66-8

    Will preface by stating I have had nothing but problems with modern production S&W revolvers. Both 686's had to go back to S&W for extensive work, as did the 627, 640, 327 and so forth. Ultimately I got rid of each S&W revolver for various reasons. The older S&W revolvers are built to exquisite...
  14. Marlin 336 Black Friday Rebate

    FYI Marlin running a $50 or $75 rebate for the 336 lever gun, starting on thanksgiving 11/24:
  15. Trooper gets 4 months in prison for killing two women while OUI

    Seems like similar sentence any taxpayer would get... [/FONT][/COLOR]
  16. CDNN has 10/22 lasermax for $30

    i'm not a huge fan of lasers but this is pretty incredible deal. these normally go for $60-$70
  17. MidwayUSA very good deal on Spectre kit

    FYI Polymer80 spectre kit is on sale at midwayUSA. normally these are $150 each. midway right now selling them for $100. limit 1.
  18. New iron curtain handgun list posted

    New iron-curtain handgun list posted. Maybe one of you fine folks can figure out what's new on here. FNX-45 appears new
  19. MIRCS down for past 24+ hours

    anybody else notice MIRCS EFA-10 system has been down since at least 7/3 AM? perhaps this is how we celebrate independence day in prevent the lawful transfer of firearms. i'd imagine all the criminals and gangs are waiting for MIRCS to come back online too.
  20. Saying goodbye to our best friend Lola

    Today we will be euthanizing our 16 year old female greyhound-lab-heinz57 mutt. Lola has been the finest companion and friend I could ever have asked for. She has been with my wife for the past 14 years and with me for the past 8 years. She has been with us through good times and bad. Never...
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