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  1. Eggs Benedict

    I like Irish Eggs better (no, I'm not Irish). Similar to eggs benedict, but instead of Canadian Bacon, you use corned beef hash (best if homemade). Then you can add a side of crispy bacon.
  2. Vizard's in Plaistow, NH

    I popped in there once...It's on the 2nd floor of that little office building that's in front of Planet Fitness. It's small, not a ton of inventory and the prices were high. It's a young guy who opened it...Good for him for opening up a shop, but he's the third shop within a mile or so...
  3. XDs recall -- .45 ACP and 9x19

    I'm getting anxious and want mine back...It's already been there for 3 weeks [thinking]
  4. Happy Birthday dreppucci007!!!

    Thanks guys...Instead of picking up a new toy today, I'm heading to FedEx shortly to ship my recalled XDS back to Springfield...Not cool timing. [laugh]
  5. Cheap 9mm Fed JHP Ammo in NH

    If you're looking for a case of 1000, you're best off making a friend in NH and have it shipped to them.
  6. office prank fail

    Put all the stuff on his desk into a jello mold and leave it there... i.e.
  7. No cell service?

    I've heard there's a major AT&T outage.
  8. AR Build

  9. so who's drinkin what?

    Johnnie Walker Platinum Label...It's a little pricey and not easy to find, but it's damn delicious.
  10. Painted my AR...

    Looks great...I actually like the double stencil on the can. Great work!

    Great to hear someone is taking over and getting their shit together there...
  12. Happiness is

  13. New acquisitions for July 2013

    Lucky enough to pick up this gem 2 weeks ago: Springfield XDs in 9mm
  14. Lost my dad today.

    Very sorry for your loss...Condolences.
  15. Four Seasons is awesome!!

    Feel free to continue your comments about FS in the "Gun Shops and Reviews" category here:
  16. NES Open Carry Wedding?

    Great news, Congrats Ross!
  17. absolutly pissed! **update

    I don't doubt this BS happens in MA, but it sounds a little hinky that they'd just call you and tell you this over the phone...Sure nobody's just playing a shitty prank on you?
  18. Aaron Hernandez questioned in murder, Found guilty.

    Aaron Hernandez questioned in murder And a couple burner phones...
  19. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    FINALLY finished up my first build in like 3 years... Spikes Tactical Lower Spikes Enchanced LPK (Battle Trigger, KNS Non-Rotating pins, Ergo grip, etc.) BCM BFH Upper w/BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle and 16" mid-length barrel (1:7 twist) Larue Tactical 12" Handguard Larue Tactical buffer...
  20. Old Bruins Megathread.

    Yep, pretty quick and close together.
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