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  1. WTT Delete

    SOLD - Delete
  2. WTB Trolling Motor for parts

    WTB Non working large long mount trolling motor for fish finder transducer testing. I had a large one that I got at a side of the road yard sale that I gave to a friend that scrapped it for beer money. What do you have? Thanks
  3. Boat Show

    So who doesn't have to work and is flocking to the Newport Boat Show with loads of disposable cash? I'll drive you and pay for your admission if you fill my boat gas tanks!
  4. Tuna Fishing

    Does anyone fish "privately" for Tuna? Every time I see or hear a "I got a big Tuna" story, it sounds like the guy's that say "I won big at the track today". I see guys with 8' bed one ton trucks full of ice heading out on private boats. Unless you have a commercial license, you cannot...
  5. Kennedy

    What a waste Kennedy Family Is 'Shattered' by the Suspected Overdose Death of Granddaughter Saoirse, 22
  6. WTB Electric Fishing Reel

    WTB Power assisted fishing reel for disability related physical restrictions, in 2020 I might need twins. I'll also take a 30'+ yacht to go with it, and a centerfold for crew!
  7. United Technologies takes over Raytheon

    It didn't take long for the company to go south (internally) after the last of the original management left. 57% ownership by UT is a take-over. Customer directed, after kicking sand in customers faces for recent years of bad management? A purge over many layers of soon to be redundant Raytheon...
  8. Wealthy parents getting their kids into Ivy Colleges

    Wealthy asses headed to jail for paying off and cheating the system to get their kids into Ivy Colleges. Gigs up! These wealthy asses will get a warm welcome in jail. Hollywood actresses and the wealthy are accused of paying to get their kids into elite colleges by cheating on exams and faking...
  9. Boat Show

    Boat show in Boston starts this weekend. Anyone going? New England Boat Show Official Site | Boston, MA
  10. iPad Pro vs Surface Pro & Galaxy S4

    I've had a Surface Pro 3 for over three years and now looking at a cell capable iPad Pro or Galaxy S4 to run the Navionics app. The Surface Pro does not have a built in GPS and is not supported for the usb GPS by Navionics. Any experience for this consideration?
  11. Fidelity Investments

    Does anyone have a Fidelity-Managed Account? My wife was offered to have her Fidelity managed company 401 funds transferred to a "Managed Account" when she retires. The last time I asked about the quarterly performance and fees, they wouldn't tell me. So...if anyone has their managed account...
  12. WTS Truck Cap

    Truck Cap 8’ Jeraco enterprises Cap for older straight side 8’ bed pickups Mid-Rise Series with Optional Rear Bay Windows 1995 Streamliner. Original price $ 1200-1300, 175 lbs Make me an offer or trade. Located in Mansfield Also have: Magnetrac Dozer w 8' Backhoe 76 Chevy 4WD 400ci Auto...
  13. WTB Boat

    WTB Boat (I must be crazy). Looking for something not to small and not to big, 22-28?. Trailerable with a one ton truck. Fairly open, but with a head and maybe overnight or weekend capable. I'm not a sport, so I'm not really looking for a modern "Sport" model. Also not looking for a "Stupid...
  14. Square Body Truck

    I own two square body trucks, 3/4 and 1 ton, and was planning changes and upgrades. One person told me that the "Square Body Community" would not approve of some modifications. Reeeally! I got the biggest laugh out of that statement, but decided to start investigating if there was such a...
  15. Operation Finale

    Looks like a good movie to watch for someone considering owning a German car. Companies that were started with slave labor and death camps. And they would do it again if given the chance. Operation Finale Final Trailer: Oscar Isaac vs. Nazi Ben Kingsley
  16. Gridlock

    I just heard from someone that broke down in an intersection while making a left turn. They were ticketed for "Gridlock", they challenged the ticket in traffic court and lost. Anyone else heard of this? More MA fines to pay for illegals! Don't drop anywhere, your estate will have to pay for...
  17. Run down & run over at the Hospital

    Woman Carrying Flowers Struck, Killed Outside Norwood Hospital Beautiful, just the hell do you hit an elderly person in a cross-walk in front of a hospital, then run over them
  18. Catch and Release

    Like we heard on the news last night, this [email protected]*t is going to stop Trump signs memo ending 'catch and release' immigration policy Catch and release (U.S. immigration policy) - Wikipedia Obama reinstates ‘catch-and-release’ policy for illegal immigrants
  19. Will "Real ID" clean house?

    It looks like illegals will be SOL when they can't renew a drivers license, fly, or verify who they are with a "Real-ID", or use for any of the benefits they're receiving that we're paying for. This looks like it has real potential to clean house and is a Federal requirement that MA has to...
  20. 2017 End of year new truck deals

    End of year new truck deals I’m looking to see what the end of year truck deals will be for a ¾ ton long bed extended cab GM or Chevy 2500HD. This is not for a daily commuter, we already have a four door and a small hatchback. A full size 8’ bed for a full size “Truck” camper with non wet...
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