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  1. WTS 1999 Saab 9-3 Hatchback Sedan 5-sp manual

    This has been our daily driver since 2012. 296K miles. Mechanically excellent and reliable. The good: tires near new, headliner like new, front brakes new (rotors and and pads), new radiator and thermostat. Fast, comfortable, thrifty at around 29 MPG in normal driving. Oil changes always done...
  2. Hot bluing in/near southern NH?

    I have a 10/22 barrel that I want refinished and hot-blued. Is there a smith in or near southern NH who can do it well? Thanks.
  3. Cost of minor bodywork?

    I'm looking at a 2006 Honda Pilot for my wife. Both rear wheel wells have about 4" strips of rust, right on the folded lip at the top center of the opening. The rust, which I reckon started from the inside, is all the way through and bubbling the paint badly. I would have the pieces cut out and...
  4. Three spots still available for Appleseed in Dunbarton NH this weekend

    Due some Chinese-virus related cancellations we have three places open for the Appleseed in New Hampshire on Oct. 24-25. You can register here: schedule | Project Appleseed
  5. The RevComs' Election Plan in Their Own Words

    The Revolutionary Communists have put out a document which purports to be their plan to disrupt the election. It is very interesting as it reveals much about how they think and how they communicate in code, with consistent adherence to their propaganda rules on language, etc. You can find it...
  6. Need vintage scope recommendations - Fugeddaboutit

    bought one.
  7. Appleseed Vermont Will Not Be Shut Out in 2020

    Had a lot of inquiries during the year about Appleseeds in Vermont. The Chinese Virus put most clubs into turtle mode this year. But Proctor Fish & Game has approved hosting a shoot on October 3-4, and I'm pleased to be able to teach at it. Looking forward to meeting NESers there.
  8. VERMONT: Proctor Fish & Game, October 3-4

    We have just put up for registration our first Vermont event of the year. Saturday-Sunday October 3-4, 2020. You can sign up here: schedule | Project Appleseed
  9. Cellphone Protection

    Last week for the first time ever I dropped my phone. Of course it landed on the screen and cracked it badly. Then I found out that Sprint has been charging me $15/mo for many years for protection and they would replace or repair it for $29.50. So I have a new phone. It isn't as nice as my...
  10. Any experts on Ford 2.3L engines here? - SOLVED

    Thursday I had a sudden problem with my 2001 Ranger 2.3L Duratec with about 270K miles. Driving uphill on part throttle, suddenly it sagged, bogged and bucked, nearly stalling, and flashing the check engine light. I nursed it the 8 miles home in low gears and full throttle, and put my FORSCAN...
  11. Space available for NH Appleseed 10/24-25

    The host club, Pioneer Sportsmen, has just allowed us to increase the capacity of this previously sold-out event from 8 to 15. As of now there are seven more places available. Register early, it should fill up pretty fast.
  12. Dunbarton, NH August 8-9 Appleseed

    Due to some cancellations, we still have 3 places open for the shoot on August 8-9 at Pioneer Sportsmen in Dunbarton.
  13. Another trailer hitch question: Drop or Not?

    Just bought my first trailer, a 5x8 utility. It's going on my old Ranger. I have installed a Curt trailer hitch to the frame, and the receiver opening is 16" above the ground. The trailer's tongue is 13" above ground when the trailer is level. Should I use a drop receiver on the hitch? If so, 2"...
  14. Shooters Amherst is open again

    For all you guys who find it easier to drive to Amherst than to Hooksett, Shooters Outpost is open again as of today.
  15. Minneapolis Lefties Won't Call Cops, Get Crime

    At first I thought this was on the Babylon Bee but it's Fox News: Minneapolis neighborhood that vowed not to call police in wake of Floyd death is already being tested by 300-strong homeless encampment
  16. Lowest-cost transfers in NH?

    I'm looking at an online purchase. Which FFL in southern New Hampshire has the lowest transfer fees?
  17. How to find underground water leak?

    The water in my barn comes through a plastic underground pipe from the house about 300 feet away. Yesterday water pressure in the barn went to zero. I think there is a leak somewhere between the house and the barn. Have checked inside the house, it isn't there. Does anyone here know how I can...
  18. Block & Tackle System for my Barn?

    Now that my barn is housing 7 (soon to be 11) sheep, I need to rig up a good hoist system to get 80lb bales of hay and other stuff up into the loft and down again. I'm sure there are several experienced farmers here. What would you recommend?
  19. We need candidates like this in NH

    Marjorie Green. can you get some like-minded friends to run here?
  20. Has RI gone full Iron Curtain?

    I read yesterday that all out-of-state visitors to Rhode Island will be intercepted by police and imprisoned in quarantine for two weeks, unless they are there for work. Is this true? I need to pick up a trailer from a friend in Foster and drive it back to NH in order to get some animals and...
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