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  1. Winchester 209 primers

    Delete found some.
  2. Officer involved shooting in Kingston Mass.
  3. Looking to have a vp9 slide milled for an RMR

    Looking for recommendations of A Shop that does this locally. (Within an hour of Saugus) Someone recommended Parker Mountain to me. They have great reviews. But they are three months out. I don't need it done next week or anything but that's a long time to wait.
  4. How to sell old lithographs?

    Long story short I inherited some old artwork. I was thinking about selling some of it or at least one of the pieces because, I can use the cash. I have googled local art galleries and none seem to deal with lithographs. They all seem to deal with original artists. If anyone can point me in the...
  5. Rehab and LTC?

    I was wondering is it a disqualifier for you to have an LTC if you have been to rehab? I know someone who would like to obtain their license.They live in the South Shore town that appears to be green. They went to rehab about 10 years ago voluntarily for a week. With no convictions.
  6. Any instructors looking to put on an in LTC class?

    I had a friend contact me tonight wanted to know if I knew anybody that did classes. I guess he had a friend of a friend lined up but the guy keeps flaking on them. This is has been going on 5 or 6 weeks He has12 people that want to take the class. They are all anxious to turn in their...
  7. M&P®15-22 SPORT™

    Delete please found one
  8. Patriotic songs for your playlist this weekend.

    I have a lot of favorites but here are a couple. Let's hear a some of your favorites. View: View:
  9. A little hope for a small town and Massachusetts

  10. Cheaper than dirt price gouging!

    Eight hundred bucks for a case of Blazer aluminum.
  11. Bill would allow R.I. lawmakers, others to have tinted vehicle windows When the laws apply to you, just make an exception. Another government official that thinks the law should apply to everyone but them.
  12. Where to find parts for older CVA muzzleloader?

    Long story short. I borrowed a friend's muzzleloader. Just went to grab it to finish up the last few hours of the season and it is missing the bolt. It must have fallen out after I pulled the primer last time out of the woods. I left the bolt open didn't realize it would just fall out. It's...
  13. Tree stand ethics?

    Today I set up a new stand. Set up climbing steps. When I got to the top to hang my stand. There was a hook and Orange tack in the top of the tree. (Public land). Did not see it from the ground. Hook & tack look pretty old bark was split around the hook. They definitely weren't using a...
  14. Who's heading out tomorrow. For the season opener zones 10 -14

    Everything's all set and ready to go. Headed out in the a.m. hope to be in the woods by 5:30. Wind is in my favor sucks temperature is going to be little warmer than I would like. Anyone else headed out for the season opener?
  15. Wild game butcher recommendations

    Getting back into hunting this year. Looking for recommendations for a butcher. I used to know someone but has since moved to New Hampshire. I should have asked at the club last weekend but I didn't think of it till afterwards. Would liket to line someone up so I'm not...
  16. Anyone work on compound bows?

    Long story short I bought a bow at Cabela's. A couple days ago. Sales staff was very nice. Drove back down there today to have the draw length adjusted, it was too long long. (2 Hour round trip) I also wanted the peep sight turned a little bit, It is kind of twisted to the right. He told me to...
  17. tippmann m4-22 LR.

    View: Looks like a well-made rifle. Would like to get one. But I think all the fun Mabe lost with 10 round Massachusetts mags. Anyone own one?
  18. Men eating raw squirrels at vegan event

    Men fined for eating raw squirrels at vegan event, causing 'significant distress' to attendees Men fined for eating raw squirrels at vegan event, causing 'significant distress' to attendees
  19. Landowner's permission ?

    My family owns a house in West Yarmouth . Was was thinking about deer hunting down there for archery season. The house backs up to a 10 acre piece of land that is owned by an out-of-state company. In Massachusetts you don't need landowner's permission unless it is posted, or in the town bylaws...
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