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  1. Michigan Couple charged with assault

    BREAKING: White Couple Charged with Assault After Viral Video Shows Pregnant Woman Defending Herself with Firearm in Confrontation with Black Woman The press has "under reported" the "whole story". Sad to see MSM continue down this path following Soros led BLM tactics. It is really sad because...
  2. NH Red Flag law "again"?

    I just did a quick search and didn't find a dupe, so I'll take my chances of getting slapped down. Caught this in a daily mailing list I belong to......Has anyone seen this? Advancing – for Now – in New Hampshire: A New Hampshire Senate committee passed a bill Wednesday to allow police or...
  3. Watchusett High School Senior Class President youtubes with for Dead Cops and America abolished

    View: The 5 district school superintendent posted "praise" for this type of behavior. Daryl McCall. I called his office and very politely, I mean very politely explained my dismay as being part of a retired LEO family, with retired and active LEO friends that this...
  4. Hey, wouldn't this be a Red Flag thingie?

    Worcester high school student charged with having Molotov cocktails at protest wins support of principal Oh wait, he doesn't even have a license. Sorry........................... And he comes from a truly wonderful family. Ah, never mind.
  5. Plandemic Documentary -

    Plandemic Documentary The Hidden Agenda Behind Covid 19 - YouTube I don't know if this link will work or not, but watch it before it's taken down. You be the judge.
  6. Are N.H. beaches open?

    Hey any N.H. guys/gals. Just wondering as we live in N. Central Mass and a neighbor said the Seabrook area of beaches was packed on Saturday. We've been wanting to take a ride up to the N. Hampton beach we like (the wall).
  7. Check this out

    Got this from a daily digest I subscribe to: Sorry for the grammar, that is how it pasted into here. FBI Playing Word Games with NICS?: ...For some reason, however, the FBI recently has taken to playing games with NICS, and by bureaucratic fiat ignoring or overriding...
  8. Custom Defense Solutions has a beauty LNIB 226 Legion

    Just an FYI. I bought GF a new 238 legion today, and he has a beauty 226 Legion SAO for 900 in the case LNIB on consignment. Has about 200 rds through it. Just slightly too big for my hands, otherwise...……., but if someone is looking...………... He's open today till 5.
  9. Choose your jeans thoughtfully

    Conservative think-tank takes aim at Levi Strauss over gun control stance
  10. Meanwhile in Oregon

    This is one snipet of a daily digest that I get from a 2A person who runs a blog citing State issues and National issues. He's a shooting instructor out in AZ and his comments are in italix at the end of each story. He also provides the link to the "whole" story from its source. Here is the...
  11. Is it time to "beg" the NRA to open an office in Mass?

    This is nothing against GOAL. GOAL has a bunch of very nice people, who try to be very nice dealing with the lefties in Boston, and it never works out too well. They DON"T have deep pockets, so I don't think they can do too much. Now the NRA can afford to send very high profile attorneys as they...
  12. Can we take down the Anti Gun pics on Home page?

    I come here for gun porn. I'm saturated with how "bad" we are from all other news......which I also avoid like the plague.
  13. Lakeville Gun Shop

    Stopped there today for a transfer. Nice shop, nice guys, nice layout. For all of you in that area check 'em out.
  14. Walmart starts selling BLM clothing and actually a monthly planner book

    I just emailed a link to this news to all my family , friends, etc. breitbart also has this story, along with Kellogg's supporting BLM. I also went onto the corporate site and emailed the CEO: As an American citizen...
  15. Quabbin Valley Firearms

    To anyone out near Erving, etc. , there is a nice little shop where I "participated" against better judgment and bought a firearm there. Great price. Run by 2 ordinary family men, only a few afternoons and Sat. mornings, Jason and Dan. They're up in Turners Falls on the end of a little building...
  16. What does Hassan victory mean for 2A in N.H.?

    I read lots of dough from anti's supporting her. I looked at the town map and all the big towns were BLUE and outer areas RED. Blue must be where all the EBT card holders are???
  17. Hillary plants gun control people at Manchester Town Hall

    To our brothers and sisters in N.H. Millions are being funded by anti 2A for Hassan to unseat Ayotte. Get those email going...............
  18. And now for some more "encouraging news"
  19. MA AG situation

    Dumb question. Why hasn't any of the orgs for gun rights in this state sent a lawyer in to file an injunction, counter suit, whatever you want to call it?????
  20. Attn: Fitchburg / Lunenburg Vote for DEAN TRAN STATE REP today!

    Folks, Dean Tran is running as a Republican with a write in campaign. The Dems tried to keep him off of the ballot because of a few days between paper filing time and the "Speaker of the House" would not present Dean's plea to run to the "body" in the State...
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