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  1. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    Thanksgiving for one this year. Its not as depressing as it looks.
  2. Somebody wants to make a statement..........

    Shit. I'm now that you bring that up I have at least two cartridges of hunting ammo in the trunk that dropped through to the spare tire well. Gonna have to get those before I forget
  3. Somebody wants to make a statement..........

    I remember being at work at a major boston hospital talking to a coworker, hearining a clink, looking down, and noticing a 9mm casing at my feet. "How the hell did that get here" I said as I picked it up and tossing it in the barrel without missing a beat- I knew damn well how it got there...
  4. NH/MA FFLs near Nashua?

    No, cross border handguns must go ffl to ffl. Nobody mentioned it but Shawsheen in billerica is a good crew, they're not far off rt 3
  5. WTF. Saw this on rt 1 Saugus

    Good eye. Enfield mag, tell tale late style bolt.
  6. LIL WAYNE Charged by Feds ... POSS. OF FIREARM, AMMO

    The rapper pleaded guilty in 2009 to attempted weapon possession, admitting he had a loaded, semiautomatic .40-caliber gun on his tour bus after a show in 2007. Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year at Rikers Island in New York, starting in March 2010. With time off for good behavior, he was...
  7. New member with a question on the P320 issue

    Mostly because if you watched the linked YouTube above the lawsuit is quoted with the specific instances, so doing so would be redundant.
  8. New member with a question on the P320 issue

    I can understand the drop problem. While someone wasn't squeezing the trigger, it was actuating and therefore bypassing the firing pin block. Objects in motion want to stay in motion and the trigger was heavy enough to continue traveling when the frame of the gun stopped. This new problem...
  9. New member with a question on the P320 issue

    This is not the current problem. The 320 is becoming well noted for discharging without being dropped. This is the second major issue with this model.
  10. New member with a question on the P320 issue

    While I'm curious how the gun is bypassing the firing pin block, if you can't trust it, you don't want to be carrying it.
  11. Vermont magazine ban lawsuit update:

    It can't be their problem because VT's population has been declining. Vermont's incredibly socialist, and IMO walking into being a welfare state, and you know what that's going to mean for how they vote.
  12. Thoughts on the Bond Arms Derringer

    Maybe they're dipping a toe in and we can get the xd9s soon....
  13. Thanksgiving Spreads

    I'll be spending this thanksgiving alone, opening day is the 21st, so I'll be hunting with a bunch of friends, and introducing a whole new social circle to my current quarantine habits, and as such I don't want to potentially give anything to the family. It sucks, but at best I'll be eating my...
  14. AR 16" barrel with no threads? Legal?

    Won't pass the features and similarity test bullshit, but its text legal.
  15. Need help deciding between two rifles

    Save a 91/30, buy the archangel.
  16. Best holster for 43X?

    I run stealthgear and have to say they're comfy and always stay put.
  17. The GOAL Podcast

    Nice to hear it's back, I used to really enjoy the cast and then it just sort of disappeared.
  18. 19-Yr-Old Man Charged for Allegedly Buying AR-15 for Kyle Rittenhouse

    Rifle was used in two shootings, whether they were murders or not remains to be seen as Rittenhouse has not been convicted. This guy should also be terrified of accessory to murder charges, he may go away longer than Rittenhouse.
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