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  1. Happy Thanksgiving all NES!

    Happy Turkey Day!
  2. Show your birds and win WINNER PICKED

    Still cooking.....
  3. Who wants a tank?

    Pretty sure we can't have that in Mass...... (probably not the rest of NE either). Gun laws. So, Radtekk, maybe you could buy it and invite u all down to try it out??????
  4. Veterans Day 2020

    Big thanks to all Vets!
  5. Patio Heaters

    Bought the Home Cheepo Version. $160 or so, not terrible to put together. Seems to work well, though it was really not that cool last night. For the $ I think it was worth it. Time will tell! Thanks for all the input!
  6. Patio Heaters

    Totally respect your opinion and agree! I have done similar 'research'. Can't / won't have an actual fire. Used to have a great spot, but lost that due to neighbor complaints. So now I have to be literally on my patio bounded on 3 sides by buildings, (house, garage, and shed). Used a...
  7. Patio Heaters

    One in stock at HD in Bellingham that will be mine when I get off the phone..... Hopefully it is a decent one.
  8. Patio Heaters

    Anybody have (or had) one? Something like this: I am thinking about getting one, but curious how they actually work. Thoughts, opinions, recommendations????? Thanks!
  9. Black pilled sissy surrender monkeys need to toughen the f'up

    Yeah but he needs all of those and to flip one of the others to win, I believe. Does not look good. :(
  10. Moving to Kansas!

    Sounds great. Good for you!
  11. As real as real gets.

    100% yes!
  12. Samsung $ucks

    This always makes me laugh..... And is kind of on-topic View:
  13. I have a new Guitar Hero.. Enjoy..

    NOT Guilty
  14. Tennessee chronicles... Random notes... Update post #149

    Happy Anniversary!
  15. Sports Illustrated Antifa Calendar 2021

    THIS so much THIS!!!!
  16. Finished my latest Boat Build!

    That is simply AWESOME!
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