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  1. Bipartisan bill proposed to give Iran veto power over US arm sales to the Middle East

    I'm sorry, are we a f***ing sovereign nation or not?
  2. Who wants a tank?

    It's too old to be subject to emissions tests, so no worries there.
  3. Hunting Season Gets Off To A Bad Start

    Oof, that one's embarrassing. I'd rather fall the 10' and risk a broken ankle. Then again, it would be just as easy to call someone to bring a ladder than to call 911....
  4. The Mandalorian - Spoilers inside I'm sure...

    Best one-liner of the episode [rofl] At least now we've reconciled the strange "never remove your helmet" thing with the rest of Mandalorian culture.
  5. Stay @ home tax

    Go eat a fat bag of dicks you commie cocksuckers!
  6. Need help deciding between two rifles

    Buy both, then buy a couple extra 10-22's, because you can never have enough .22 builds going on!
  7. Odds of NH winning the income tax related suit against MA ?

    This. NH will win, sure as hell, but MA will never, ever give back the money. Once this shithole totalitarian communist state has your money, you don't ever see it again.
  8. Assembling is now "misinformation"; wtaf?

    Badthink must be punished. Good think will be rewarded.
  9. As Police Retire/Quit/Walk Off the Job, Will Antifa & BLM fill the Positions...?

    I suspect that the thoughtcrimes department will likely ignore those who fall into line. Badthink will be far more important to them than something so silly like looting and rioting in defense of Goodthink.
  10. In-House Appliance Repair

    Buy a multimeter and learn how to fix shit yourself?
  11. 19-Yr-Old Man Charged for Allegedly Buying AR-15 for Kyle Rittenhouse

    Unfortunately you're right. Abramski is a f***ing travesty of a decision and does nothing to help keep the children safe other than piss everyone off and create felons out of thin air. It'd be one thing if the ATF pretended to give a shit about straw purchases, but the moral high ground on...
  12. Chicopee Police arrest 2 on gun charges: FINALLY a Glock instead of a rubber band duct tape antique- AND Pre Ban Mags!!!

    Weird, the ammo even all appears to be from the same box. Now the revolver looks like it's got some random ammo, so that makes me feel a little better.
  13. New member with a question on the P320 issue

    Certain guns I have this issue with. I have to be aware of my firing hand thumb and make sure to keep it away from the slide lock. It could be a magazine follower issue, but if it's inconsistent and doesn't happen when you're shooting it, then I would check her grip.
  14. New member with a question on the P320 issue

    It's likely you're fine. They fixed the drop fire issue quite some time ago, before they released a Legion model for the 320 if I recall. The slide not locking back is likely to do with your grip. Check how you're holding the gun: is your thumb resting on or hovering near the slide lock? P320...
  15. The Sting Operation Will Put The Whole Democrats’ Ballot Fraud To An End

    This is like the third or fourth time this has come up in about as many days. Still smells like bullshit.
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