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  1. Steyr import maadi value

    Hello, curious if anyone knows the current value on a steyr import maadi. No box in very good condition. Does not have the Y stamp.
  2. ATF SBR Form 1 times

    Just submitted mine today for an SBR. Had my fingerprints taken at my local PD. Under reasons for fingerprinting the machine typed firearms licensing, I wrote underneath ATF Form 1 Application. Would this be a reason for a spitback on the FD-258?
  3. Headspace issue

    this whole rifle is a new build with all new parts minus the preban lower shell. So after without the extractor and ejector, it passes the go gauge like i said just hard pulling handle. Took it to the range and fired 200 rounds flawlessly, not a single hiccup extracting with and without charging...
  4. Headspace issue

    So I cleaned the bolt and the chamber. Also removed extractor and ejector. It will close on both 1.4646 and 1.4636 go gauge with finger pressure. But still hard to rip out with charging handle. Im curious if this just needs to break in at the range.
  5. Headspace issue

    You can see a little wear on the rear lugs. The 1.4646 nato gauge needs alot of pressure to close and the 1.4636 .223 gauge still needs pressure. Both hard to pull charging handle. The new bcm passes all gauge tests. Also measured the lugs front to rear and its reading 0.278 which i believe is...
  6. Headspace issue

    The rosco barrel and the lantac enhanced bcg are brand new. This gun has never been fired. I just put my friends brand new bcm and it closed like a dream. Curious if it is a defective lantac
  7. Headspace issue

    Hello. I have an ar build going with a rosco 5.56 16inch heavy barrel and a lantac bcg. All components to this rifle are new. The rifle passes the field and no go test, the bcg will not close. But on the go gauge it will also not close without being pushed and its hard to pull the charging...
  8. Frame stipple/cerakote

    Hello anyone have any recommendations of businesses in MA/NH who do good frame stipple/cerakote? Looking to get a g19 done.
  9. Delete

  10. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    As of right now with just the peet dryer (waiting on golden rod to come in) my safe sits at 73.3 degrees and 47.7% humidity.
  11. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Interesting so those zerust products leave a coating on the metal so to speak to prevent rust? Didn’t know they made products like that. So that in combination with a golden rod and maybe a silica product if need be you would be all set with metal/wood inside.
  12. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Def will look into the golden rod, I dont think the peet can handle such a big safe. Also just bought a temp stick to put inside that way I can monitor temp & humidity changes from my phone.
  13. Best option for controlling safe humidity?

    Recently just got a liberty safe extreme 60. Came with a peet air dryer but not to crazy about leaving something plugged in inside the safe after seeing reviews about them catching fire. Anyone have any experience using the Boveda 49% 2 way humidity packs for inside a safe? Read the...
  14. Barrel length change.

    Thank you very much
  15. Barrel length change.

    Hello, been searching for this answer for awhile. If you have a rifle that has a barrel length of 20” registered to you and you change that barrel to lets say a 16”. Would you have to re-register the firearm with the new barrel length?
  16. SKS questions and possible answers

    Hello, slightly confused and trying to find an answer, when you FA10 an sks how do you answer if it is a large capacity device. I know stock it would not be but then there is the “readily modifiable to accept” part that confuses me.
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