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  1. Tornado warning cape cod

    It got windy and tornado seen in Centerville!
  2. Lawn caterpillars??

    Army know you have them bad when the WHOLE lawn seems to move! o_O
  3. My First Deer - MA

    Congratulations on your first!
  4. Stuck a nice buck today

  5. No deer today but....

    Nothing is as it USUALLY is this year! I didn't even hear/see a tom this spring! ...and other than seeing them in the front yards of a Wendy's or apartment buildings...nothing in the woods this fall! NORMALLY they do react to calls...but this isn't a normal year for me! :(
  6. No deer today but....

    Hmmm...we should swap places.... I saw 2 deer in the first 10 minutes into the woods this morning while turkey hunting! ;) ...but now I have a spot for deer/shotgun! :)
  7. My whole house just shook! WTF

    Yup...felt it in Franklin... 1.5 magnitude earthquake 5 years ago at 01:19 November 18, 2015 UTC Location: Epicenter at 42.196, -71.399 2.2 km from Holliston (1.2 miles) Depth: 4 km
  8. Moving to Kansas!

    Nice! Best of luck in Kansas!
  9. first snow of the season 2020/21

    >3" here in Franklin! I'm thinking of getting the snow blower out! ;)
  10. Boat project #3, because it's 21 deg. and snowing

    Kim.... :) EVERYTHING looks nice!
  11. 2020/21 Upland Season

    Wow! That's impressive!
  12. New Family Member

    Such a cutie!
  13. Heated Jackets. Who has one?

    I have a Gerbings heated liner and gloves for riding my motorcycle. Wow! What a game changer! No need to dress for the artic on longer rides...and if it cools/heats one way or another you just turn the dial! (BTW: I have it connected to the motorcycle so I don't have to worry about the...
  14. Oil Tank Replacement

    Indeed...oil should be FRESH! ...just like it's been sitting in the ground for XXX,XXX number of years! ;)
  15. Azerbaijan vs Armenia - shooting war

    Don't forget NEWTON, MA another large community...
  16. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    1/2 million miles! o_O YOU ARE THE MAN! [rockon] Ride Safe!
  17. All Things Motors (Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats...)

    Sweet! But my SO would say that with that number of miles on the's barely broken in! ;) BTW: Her 1990 FXRS has >155,000 miles! :p
  18. Mondays

    Not many out fishing on Sunday AM.... It did fill in around 6AM at Area 51....but after that we biked to the East End...Saw a few "over slot" being tossed back too! ;)
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