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  1. Michael Moore on Biden poll numbers I never thought he would ever say anything with a glimmer of truth.
  2. Happy Birthday @Palladin!

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  3. Make a wish @allen-1

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  8. Happy Birthday NHCraigT

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  9. Halloween postponed?
  10. left coast shaking it up today

    Significant earthquake rattles California, USGS says
  11. Ouch!

    I need a new NES oval.....
  12. Teacher's Week on Jeopardy

    Ok, I admit I'm a bit of a nerd.. I watch Jeopardy often, not like Rain Man, but a lot, lol This week is Teachers Tournament Week. The questions have been so dumbed down compared to their regular content. Are they trying to make the teacher contestants look smart by lowering the bar? WTF Alex?
  13. Gun theft in Framingham

    Framingham man charged with stealing gun
  14. Shooting in Maryland now

    'Multiple' deaths, suspect caught after reports of shots fired outside Maryland newspaper office, sheriff says
  15. Big mistake in Florida

    Thousands Of People In Florida Were Approved To Carry Concealed Guns Without Being Fully Checked — BuzzFeed News
  16. Movies that should never be remade

    I just watched Shawshank Redemption for the nth time. I sincerely hope there is never a remake. What classic movies do you not want to see Hollywood redo?
  17. Coming to a school near you.....

    Framingham: New school policy supports transgender athletes Framingham: New school policy supports transgender athletes (Via Metro West)
  18. Christmas Past......

    (1962). My early memories of childhood Christmases all started with a trip to Jordan Marsh in Boston. My brother and I would go to the Enchanted Village...
  19. Shovels, milk, and bread...

    I don't know why there is a run on shovels and basics at the first word of snow. I haven't had to buy shovels in years. My fridge and pantry are always stocked for at least a week or so, freezer even longer..... I went to the grocery store today for a couple of ingredients for a beef stew, and...
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