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  1. Democrat Pedo MA State Rep Candidate Matt Trowbridge gets caught trying to meet a minor

  2. Antifa Goes to the Suburbs

  3. Biden live stream on Coronavirus

    View: This is amazing
  4. What did they mean by this?

  5. HR 6666 - TRACE ACT, $100b for 2020 for Contact Tracing

    Anyone seen the Dem's Coronavirus pork bill? I couldn't find a thread, sorry if dupe
  6. John Podesta: DNC and Hillary Campaign Split the Cost for Bogus Trump-Russia Dossier That Launched the Coup No wonder why they tried to keep this testimony hidden for so long.
  7. Bitcoin shitting its pants

    Who else drinking? I'm down an arm and a leg, how about you?
  8. Where can I go to debate liberals?

    I love NES, this is the only social media I currently indulge. I am always looking to improve my debate skills, and while being very tolerant of my antics and non-banhammery, NES can seem like a circlejerk hugbox sometimes. We all know about the issues with censorship on the big platforms like...
  9. Boston Straight Pride Parade

    This is awesome, from the same person that organized the Free Speech Rally in Boston in 2017. I was there, and met Kyle Chapman, Tim Poole, Fleccas, and Gavin McInnes. Even if this is just a huge ruse to trigger the libs, all the better. Im not gonna link WaPo but they're pissed, and here's a...
  10. Strange incident after church last Sunday

    So Sunday after the usual morning service me and my wife and her son all go to walmart in Orange. There was this really hairy guy there wearing an NRA jacket making an aweful scene. Now my wife doesnt let me carry guns but whatever I dont care what people do, but it wasn't the NRA jacket so much...
  11. Officers Injured in North Haven

    Officers injured after large explosion in North Haven Officers injured after large explosion in North Haven - WFSB 3 Connecticut ☰ WFSB Eyewitness News Livestream 00:00 AddThis Sharing Buttons Share to TumblrShare to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to Email AppShare to More BREAKING Officers...
  12. Pourable AR-15 lowers

    I'll just leave this here.
  13. WhatLuck's guide to message encryption

    Hello NES Introduction Due to popular demand I am presenting you with (hopefully) a definitive guide to message encryption. I was going to only specifically cover RFC 4880, OpenPGP, but have decided that a both introductory and comprehensive guide to message encryption would be easier to chew...
  14. Seeking donations for The Avon Walk

    My girlfriend is doing the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer May 17 and 18, and I am posting to ask for donations. Too many of us have been touched by this awful disease, and I truly hope to see an end to it in my lifetime. You can donate directly on her personal donation page here...
  15. ATF Test of 3D printed firearms

    Thought I'd just leave this here... From
  16. VICTIM SELECTION FAIL!!!!1 So much win.
  17. Breaking bad tonight!

    Any fans here? I hope Gus comes back as a zombie.
  18. Suspect Returned Used Enemas to Florida CVS
  19. I think this is not to code?

    I was helping out a buddy, ripping some old electrical out of a building he purchased. What do you guys think?
  20. W Hollywood Mayor: Car arson a form of terrorism, 55 cars burned So according to one California mayor, arson is now an act of terrorism...
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