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  1. Question for the HVAC brain trust

    2 and 3 may be split to keep duct size down or ease of install
  2. Question for the HVAC brain trust

    nothing connected on the DS/BK so its not multi speed. refer back to wilco
  3. Melatonin

    I had better luck with Valerian root. melatonin made for some weird dreams
  4. Plumbing Question - Pipe Noise

    Loose washer in the faucet
  5. "MA compliant" S&W Shield?

    I have a friend looking to sell his 9mm shield. Merimac valley area
  6. New Yorkers Stand Up To Tyrants

    How soon will they all get an IRS audit
  7. NEST thermostat inaccurate temp?

    The best thing you can do with a nest is toss it in the trash
  8. It appears that this could be Pelosi's last term as speaker

    Couple extra feet so she can't crawl out?
  9. dark humor

    #212. I was surprised my wife would text me something like that.
  10. dark humor

  11. Helping a friend: is that allowed?

    The boot on the neck cuts off the oxygen makes it hard to think correctly
  12. Gray Man Theory

    im not a small guy but I have always been the one to disappear in plain sight. didnt know it was a thing till a few years ago
  13. whats the deal with Canik

    thanks for the feed back guys, keep it coming
  14. whats the deal with Canik

    Was at the indoor range today and the guy behind the counter turned me on to Canik tpsf elite. felt good in hand. will shoot one on next visit. price is reasonable, tell me why I dont want to buy one
  15. my keezer build

    Have a pile of parts. Should be drilling into the garage beer fridge soon
  16. What happened to VB in the middle on WRKO?

    as much as I didn't like VB I cant listen to rush its not him so much but all the ass kissing callers.
  17. MA ballot questions.....imput needed.

    Funny how the other day the info in your car would be used to rape your wife and kill your children now it's just an extension of right to repair.
  18. Looking for whole house steam humidifier installation

    I have always fed my aprilair bypass water panel humidifier from my RO drinking water. No problems. I do have a pretty large RO tank and a 100 gallon per day filter set up
  19. Anyone Turn On Heat Yet?

    Wife sent a text with less than pleasant words and informed me that she was turning the heat on. So close to making it till November So for those that were wondering 51 yes that's right 51 was this year's winning number.
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