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  1. Any Whirlpool duet dryer repair folks here ?

    I have a Whirlpool Duet front loading dryer, Model WED72HEDW and the door will not open, even with power off. The unit will turn on and run ok, just cannot open the door. I suspect it is a jammed condition as it was OK until a painter shut the door to move the unit. Is there any way to manually...
  2. Model Train Fans ?

    I have quite an amount of model train "stuff", lots of Great Northern engines, cars, etc., including an engine I bought in the 1980's and never ran. As I am preparing for a move, I need to sell this stuff but have no idea of values. Is there anyone here, convenient to Cape Cod, who could help...
  3. WTS ?

  4. Morseth Hunting Knife

    This is an original Harry Morseth 5" blade knife, made in 1950. I obtained it from the original owner. The blade is marked Brusletto, Norway and has never been sharpened, only honed on a jewelers hone.
  5. Mass. State Firearms Instructor Certificate

    I misplaced my instructor certificate, but I do have an older one with my Cert. Number, etc. How do I obtain a copy of my current certificate ?
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  7. Ammo Collectors ? Hornady Illuminating Trajectory .45acp

    This is tracer like ammo, but not incendiary. It gives a visible white light trajectory and was developed for training purposes. It has been out of production for years. I have one full box of 20 rounds, hate to shoot it. Any collector interest ?
  8. HK VP9-B

    This is the version with the push button magazine release. It apparently is not on the Massachusetts approved list yet. Has anyone seen one in Massachusetts? I am interested in a VP9 but not fond of the release.
  9. Karma. Free .38 special and .357 magnum brass - Gone

    I have the following brass free , just pay ship charge. .38 special 80 brass cases, 100 nickel cases .357 mag 15 brass cases, 75 nickel cases. PM me if interested. Happy Fourth !
  10. Kittery Trading Post and C&R FFL

    I just called KTP as they have an older Shotgun I am interested in. By the serial number, it is more than 50 years old, so qualifies as C&R, and I hold a C&R FFL. KTP said Mass. will not let them ship C&R guns to Mass., I would have to come to their store to buy it. BS or what ?
  11. Winchester shotgun with factory recoil stock

    Back in the 60's, I was an active trap shooter and my wife wanted to shoot, but had trouble with recoil from my 12 gauge. I was reloading, and wanted to stay with 12 gauge, so I bought her a new Winchester 1300 that came equipped with a 2 piece factory stock, that significantly reduced the felt...
  12. Rascally Rabbits

    If anyone knows of a source of rabbit poison, please PM me. I am not interested in repellents. My wife is at her wits end, as the rabbits are destroying her favorite plants, some shrubs, and her marigolds, which are not suppose to attract rabbits. Apparently the rabbits here on Cape Cod...
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  14. Board Troll, Possible Scammer

    I have two WTB ads, and in the last week, have rcvd the same reply to both ads, but from 2 different sender. "Hello, let me know if you have any lead or order on your wtb ad, if you are still in the market I can help you out." I checked out the first person and he seems to be well known...
  15. WTB Moved ; Daisy 747 air pistol

    moved to another section
  16. Closed Topic

    I originally started this thread looking for ideas in the Westwood area while my wife was shopping last week. I did receive some nice replies and I thank all who responded, BUT, this topic seems to have morphed into the pros and cons of a particular gun shop. That definitely was not my...
  17. WTK: Value of a Colt 1911, Series 80, Govt Model in MA.

    I am original owner and have the dealers paperwork when I bought it in MA. It is like new, low round count. Blue finish. Never carried. Trigger job by Santurri Gunsmithing, other work by a now retired smith ( Bob Javery ),includes adjustable sight, polished ramp, target trigger, replaced...
  18. A Debt Of Gratitude To Some Fantastic Forum Members

    Recently, I have run a number of ads for reloading gear, accessories, and firearms. I noted in my first ad that I was selling them for a friend with health issues. I did not want to go into details in the ads, but the situation is much more serious - so draw your own conclusions. The first...
  19. WW1 British .303 ammo value ?

    I have 50 rounds of British military ammo on clips and in a bandoleer. I guess it is actually pre-WW1 due to the date on the cartridges. It is clean, not corroded. head stamp is F 1 04 Bandoleer is newer, dated 77 I want to sell this stuff, so any suggestions as to value will be...
  20. When did Mass. initiate the training requirement to obtain a firearm permit ?

    Does anyone know when this requirement was first made a pre-requisite to obtain a firearms license ? I'm old enough to recall that I did not need to do this for my first license, around the mid-1960's. Thanks
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