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  1. SJW rant set to Heavy Metal

  2. 10K cash and a free bike if you move to Arkansas

    How are the gun laws? And the face diaper/house arrest mandates? $10,000 Life Works Here Talent Incentive | Northwest Arkansas
  3. Parlor forum app suspicious...

    I warned you guys about Parlor. 288888888 on Gab: '#EffParler'
  4. Tucker controlled opposition?

    Not a good look hanging with Hunter.
  5. Black pilled sissy surrender monkeys need to toughen the f'up

    Started a new thread to consolidate the gloom porn. What did we know? Trump would win in an honest election, there would be massive cheating and the donk game plan would be to cast doubt on the outcome no matter how well Trump did. Gee what happened? And if we knew it was going to happen...
  6. Not big enough mouth bass

    Big fish, big appetite, deadly execution. Found this sucker floating thought I'd share.
  7. Uniformed Chinese troops in Canada US artillery moved to the border Fake? Any artillery guys here with an explanation. There was a rumor that had Clinton won there was a plan to lose a war...
  8. Politicians pretending to get vaccines

    Politicians I've never heard of know enough not to get the garbage. View: View:
  9. Firewood seller recommendations SE MA?

    Any recommendations? Looking for 2 cords, delivered, cut, split, reasonably seasoned, Taunton area. Thanks.
  10. Threatening letters sent to Trump supporters

    Could be fake but it is usually Jews and minorities that fake this stuff.
  11. Hunter Biden becomes the hunted?

    Red October surprise perhaps? Both were hinted at in Q drops, I don't follow Q all that close but this guy does and suggests the money and drugs are little things and Hunter raped a kid provided by the guy who didn't kill himself. And pics are on the laptop. ℕ𝔼𝕆ℕ ℝ𝔼𝕍𝕆𝕃𝕋 on Gab: 'omfg I...
  12. Antifa Kills Again

    BREAKING: Shooting at Denver Protests -- ANTIFA TERRORIST SHOOTS PATRIOT PROTESTER DEAD! -- Two Suspects in Custody --VIDEO They are saying he deserved it for pepper spraying the shooter. My guess is that is BS. Video looks like the pepper spray can might have been shot. I'm guessing it was...
  13. Chinese faked 'rona and pushed shutdowns to cripple economies

    Seems plausible. Of course shitbags like Faker love their newfound power and would never admit to getting fooled.
  14. 911 on the fritz nationwide?
  15. SEALS go woke

    Words matter. I do not know what this portends. View:
  16. Covid vaccine trial off to a sickening start Science is soo trustworthy these days Another level of irony here is that in the Oxford trial, as we previously reported, the “placebo” group is being given...
  17. For anyone who doubts the wildfires are antifa set
  18. Gyms in gov't buildings have been open for months
  19. double post nevermind

  20. Get off my lawn- Awesome driveway edition

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