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  1. WTS Crimson Trace Lazer Ruger LCP Like New

    Like New Red Lazer ONLY Tested a few Times .. with Fresh Batteries , papers. For LCP 1 $75 SHIPPED PAYPAL FRIENDS OR PAY FEE located in Rhode island
  2. 10mm in MA

    removed...May re list this in a few months
  3. Which modern subcompact carry gun?

    I have owned all the Small Glocks in .380 & 9mm , Springfield XDS , Kahr PM 9 , My ultimate Favorites are the Newer Sig 365 and the Hellcat
  4. WTS 22 German Ammo / Rifle Case / 10/22 Barrel Mags etc

    ** LOCATED IN RI EXIT 6 ALL LAWS FOLLOWED. ** Volquartsen Dbl Rifle case LN 54" $50 Factory 18" Accurate Ruger Lightly used Stainless Bull Barrel 10/22 Hammer Forged $135 ** Reduced LN Ruger LCP Crimson Trace Red Lazer $75 SightRite Bore Site 22 Lazer $20 Ruger 10 rd Rotary .22 Mags $10 each...
  5. Self Defense 9mm Bullet Weight

    I have tested Boutique Bullets and use Federal HST in both 124 +P & 147 +P in both of my 9mm sub compacts Sig 365 & Springfield Hellcat. The only Boutique bullet I use is the BB Barnes All Copper in .380 which I have found to be the Ultimate penetration / Expansion... All bullets tested gave me...
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